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Winning the Buy Box

Amazon is responsible for over $100 billion in sales each year, and more than 90 percent of those sales are generated through the Buy Box. Amazon sellers who want to increase their sales online must win the Buy Box.

The Buy Box can make or break a sale. Each product sold on Amazon has its own product page, and there are similar pages for competitors. The Buy Box allows a customer to add a particular product quickly to the shopping cart or even checkout with one click, without even having to look at other sellers’ pages.

Winning the Buy Box is generally regarded as the Holy Grail of Amazon and is one of the leading Amazon brand management strategies because it gives merchandise better visibility on the Amazon product pages. However, winning it is not inclusive to all Amazon Sellers.  It requires you as a seller to meet certain criteria.

  • Professional seller account – Not every Amazon seller can win the Buy Box. Only those who have purchased a Professional Seller account are eligible.
  • New items – Used items are not eligible for the Buy Box.
  • Availability – The seller must have an inventory of the items listed. If you have insufficient stock, the Buy Box will be rotated to another seller.
  • Fulfilled by Amazon – Winning the Buy Box may also influenced by the use of FBA, seller-fulfilled Prime, price, and the product shipping time.

The Buy Box is the prime factor for increased conversions for Amazon sellers. It is the most conspicuous part of the product page because of its right-side placement and eye-catching color.  A customer who clicks the “Add to Cart” button is buying from one merchant only – the Buy Box winner.  This means that you nave almost no competition on a product that you win the buy box on.

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