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Why Organic Farming is Better for Our Bodies and the Environment

It helps reduce toxic load & largely reduces farm pollution.

99% of farms in the U.S. use conventional farming practices. A lot of those farms expose us and the environment to noxious agricultural chemicals. As individuals, we are partially responsible for what happens to our environment. We can help improve the condition of our environment by purchasing clean, organic food for our bodies instead of toxic, harmful food that hurt our beloved ecosystems.

Conventional agriculture wreaks havoc on the environment downstream. Pesticides and synthetic fertilizers drifting downstream are the main culprits for dead zones in delicate ocean areas, such as The Gulf of Mexico. It has a dead zone of more than 22,000 square kilometers, which is bigger than the state of New Jersey.

It supports animal health and welfare.

Many animals such as insects, birds and fish experience hardship when conventional farming destroys their natural habitats.

Organic farming, on the other hand, helps support and protect natural habitats. It encourages birds and other natural predators to live happily on farmland, assisting in pest control. To me, nature is effortless and natural. It is the way life should be, and it is how farming is meant to be.

Organic food tastes better and more genuine.

If you compare a strawberry sprayed with pesticides and a strawberry that has been grown naturally, the organic one is going to taste sweeter.

The next time you’re at the grocery store, compare an organic apple and a conventional one. The conventional apple will most likely appear shiny and waxy, while the organic apple will have no shine and more of a matte look. The shine of the conventional apple is from pesticides which are sprayed on produce to make them last longer.

Recent research at Washington State University tested organic berries vs non-organic and found that organic were consistently sweeter. There is also research indicating organic produce is lower in nitrates and higher in antioxidants than conventional produce.

In my opinion, food grown organically simply tastes better. I feel there are misconceptions about organic food, including that it tastes worse, which arise because our bodies don’t initially recognize organic foods, causing them to taste different. Over time, our tastes change and our bodies crave food that is good for us.

You become part of something with an important mission.

In becoming an advocate for organic farmers you join a group focused on the greater good, not solely for the present, but for future generations as well. You become a role model and a voice for the future of organic farming.

As more of us come together in support of organic farming, we will begin to see vast changes in the world, our ecosystems, and our bodies and minds.

I understand price can be an issue when it comes to buying organic, but the great news is organic food is only about 10-20% more expensive. Also, you don’t have to shop at Whole Foods to get great organic food, it’s available in most grocery stores. I know the food I put in my body now dictates my future and the health of my body. Thinking in this way may change your priorities. In the long-term our bodies can’t handle the harmful toxins, pesticides and chemicals present in conventional farming. This is where disease, sickness and inflammation can occur.

Not sure where to start? Try buying some organic fruits and vegetables to save yourself from chemical preservation sprays. Organic farmers need all the support they can get so make the leap today, your future self will thank you for it!

The views expressed in this entry are strictly my opinion and do not reflect the views of Wishing U Well. Any decision to use supplements to support your specific needs should be considered in partnership with your healthcare professional. 

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