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Why You Should Add A Video to Your Product Detail Page

One of the main goals of selling on Amazon is to instill trust in the consumer. There’s nothing better for a customer ordering a product online than receiving exactly what they asked for.

It’s important to note that every consumer shops differently. Some shoppers take their time to read the full description of a product before making a decision. They want to know all the details and specs before pulling out their wallet. Others can get all the information they need by skimming the text and looking at photos. They might not care about all the small details as long as the product meets their needs. And then there are those who like to touch and feel products before they buy them. They might not even bother reading reviews or looking at pictures. It’s important for businesses to keep all these different shopping styles in mind when creating their marketing materials. One size does not fit all when it comes to retail. By understanding how different consumers shop, businesses can better cater to their needs and make the shopping experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Review Key Features & Benefits of Your Product

A well-crafted video can provide customers with an intimate look at your product, conveying key details about its size, features, and function. Customers can also see how easy your product is to use and how well it performs. Perhaps most importantly, video can help to dispel any misconceptions that potential customers may have about your product. Video can be a powerful tool for driving sales and ensuring customer satisfaction.

9.7% Increase in Sales

An Amazon study conducted from 2018 to 2020 showed a 9.7% increase on average in sales for product listings with videos over a 90 day-period. Short, to-the-point videos that highlight every feature of a product and give a clear demonstration of how to use it stand to improve your conversion rates more than listings that just include images of the product.

Show Your Customers How to Use Your Product

Instructional videos can be an extremely valuable asset to your ecommerce site. They allow you to provide all the information a customer needs in order to make an informed purchase decision. Additionally, they help reduce the number of inquiries you may receive from customers who have questions about how your product works or what it looks like. If you’re not currently using instructional videos on your ecommerce site, we recommend giving them a try. You may be surprised at just how helpful they can be!

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