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What is Amazon’s Manage Your Customer Engagement(MYCE) Tool?

Amazon is implementing a tool called Manage Your Customer Engagement that aims to help registered brands advertise new products to their customers. The introduction of this email campaign will help brands to extend their marketing capabilities for new products. This feature will ideally help broaden the interaction between customers and brands in order to improve the buyer-seller experience.
Topics for today’s blog:

  1. What Other Communication Services Does Amazon Offer?
  2. Why Is It Important?
  3. Who Does Customer Engagement Affect?
  4. How Do You Gain Followers?

What Other Communication Services Does Amazon Offer?

Currently, customers are able to communicate via Buyer-Seller Messages, which allows a customer-seller interface through the Amazon store. This system is effective because it gives buyers the ability to correspond with sellers about individual orders and respond to their questions and comments. This helps sellers cater to the unique needs of their customers.

However, marketing to customers through this module is currently not permitted (see the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service tab of Seller Central for more details).

This feature, along with Voice of the Customer, which lets customers review products and leave questions and comments, helps foster a more productive relationship between buyers and sellers. Customer Engagement is another way Amazon is attempting to extend its buyer-seller interface.

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Why Is It Important?

This feature is another, more marketing-friendly form of buyer-seller communication. Customer Engagement will extend this line of communication by allowing brands to inform subscribed customers when a new product is available.

The subscription option allows customers to have a sense of control over which brands are able to advertise new products to them. This way, customers will be able to stay updated on products and brands they’ve subscribed to, and previously expressed interest in.

It should be noted that this feature is in its beta stages, and is not yet fully developed. New templates will be added in the future as well as data.

Who Does Customer Engagement Affect?

Amazon’s email campaign is geared toward allowing specific customers—more on this below—first knowledge of new products. This is a great way to promote customer retention, but every feature has its drawbacks.

  • Limited Communication: Firstly, this feature does not currently allow customers to receive notifications when it releases a new product if they do not follow that particular brand. This could limit communication between sellers and potential new buyers.
  • One-Sided Relationship: It also presents a one-sided relationship that markets to customers without offering a way for customers to respond and possibly further customize their buying experience.

How Do You Gain Followers?

Followers, or subscribers, are customers or brands who follow a brand in order to receive new-product updates. The “follow” option is found through the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool (MYCE), which is available to registered brands that have a brand store. When customers visit your brand store, they have the option to follow your brand simply by clicking the “+Follow” button on the homepage.

If you have not registered your brand, click here to enroll.


Overall, Customer Engagement stands to benefit both sellers and buyers. It allows buyers greater access to new items from brands they follow and may be interested in hearing from. It also provides a marketing avenue for registered brands to showcase new items and ensure they will be welcome among their current customers.

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