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What is Amazon A+ Content?

A+ Content, or enhanced content, is an Amazon tool that allows you to tell your brand story and showcase your products while educating and engaging your Amazon customers. In it’s simplest form, A+ Content replaces or enhances your product description—think of it as a mini landing page on your product listing. By using high-quality images, keyword-rich copy, and more, you can differentiate your brand from competitors in a powerful and compelling way.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

PRO TIP: Don’t get confused—it’s commonplace to hear Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and A+ Content used interchangeably. Here’s why: Before 2019, A+ Content was exclusively for Amazon Vendors and EBC was only for Amazon Sellers. Now, Amazon has consolidated the two tools and people refer to them as the same thing.

Why Is It Important?

Amazon A+ Content is important because it creates a positive customer experience. By integrating these elements, you can educate potential customers about your products or brand. Help them make an informed buying decision without ever leaving your product listing. This reduces customer confusion and your return rate.

Use enhanced content across your entire product catalog to answer commonly asked questions and provide relevant product details. Incorporate engaging content about your products or brand to draw customers in. Then, incorporate educational content to help complete the sale. This is an excellent opportunity to gain trust, attract more customers, and build brand awareness.

Benefits of Adding Enhanced Content to Your Amazon ASINs

  1. Higher Conversion Rates: By providing detailed product information and highlighting product benefits, you can further entice your customers to complete their purchase. Thus, increasing your conversion rate.
  2. Increased Ranking & Discoverability: A+ Content is indexed in Amazon’s A9 Algorithm, which helps directly increase your ranking and discoverability. As your ranking increases, your conversion rate increases also.
  3. Increased Sales: If your conversion rate and ranking both increase, the likelihood of your sales increasing is very high. According to Amazon, sales increased on average by 5.6% after adding A+ Content to listings.
  4. Builds Brand Awareness: Sharing your brand story helps gain potential customers’ trust. This also increases your brand awareness as your audience shares the valuable information they’ve learned on your A+ Content.
  5. Reduces Returns & Negative Reviews: By answering commonly asked questions and addressing any customer concerns, you can prevent the likelihood of returns while also reducing the amount of negative feedback for your products.

Great Examples of Amazon A+ Content Including Image Sizes

Lillies Q
A+ Content:

A+ Content:

Who is Eligible & How Much Does It Cost?

Both Amazon Sellers and Vendors have access to the most basic form of A+ Content, but to varying degrees. Amazon Sellers are eligible to use A+ Content with 5 standard modules, but only if they have registered and been approved through the Amazon Brand Registry process. This type of A+ Content is free to everyone!

Vendors are automatically granted access and qualify to add basic enhanced content on their detail pages. However, Vendors are eligible for Premium Amazon A+ Content, which includes 7 modules and interactive features like video. Unfortunately, this is an invitation-only premium membership and comes with a costly fee that varies.

Other brand owners who take part in managed selling programs such as Launchpad and Amazon Exclusives are also eligible.

PRO TIP: If you have previous registration through Amazon’s Brand Registry 1.0, you will need to re-register with the most recent version, Brand Registry 2.0.

3 Best Practices for Creating A+ Content

These 3 basic best practices will help you stay within Amazon guidelines while also engaging your potential customers. Remember these things when you start creating your own A+ Content to share across your product catalog.

  1. Tell Your Brand Story: With the new generation of online shoppers—that’s right, I’m talking about Millennials and Gen Z—advertising doesn’t work. Your brand needs to dig deep and tell your story. Now more than ever, these young consumers are highly receptive to “cause” marketing. Show how your brand is making a positive impact and supports meaningful causes, and they’ll support you with their loyalty.
  2. Keep It Simple: Most Amazon customers skim-read listings, make all your content short and sweet. When possible, provide relevant product details and answer questions with bullet points. Make all your unique selling points “quick hitters” for your audience.
  3. Proofread: Grammatical errors, punctuation, and misspellings are the most common reasons for rejection in the approval process. Don’t slow down your sales with these easily avoidable mistakes—proofread your content before submitting it to Amazon.

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