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Want to Sell on Amazon? Here’s How to get Started

Many people are opening businesses on Amazon because of the ease of using the Fulfillment by Amazon business model. FBA frees the seller from having to worry about the logistics of running a business. Amazon takes care of the details for you, handling packaging, shipping and more. It also offers you the opportunity to build your Amazon brand and website under private labels.

If you would like to start selling through Fulfillment by Amazon, your first step will be to choose your product. Your initial choice of what to sell will have great bearing on your business success. Just remember that competition on Amazon is very stiff, so you want to start with a winning product. Do market research on Amazon, eBay, and other online marketplaces to see what is selling best. This process will help you learn interesting bits of information about controlling your Amazon inventory. For example, did you know that products priced between $10 and $50 are among the fastest selling items on Amazon?

As you choose your product, you should also select one that lines up with your interests and passions. Do not attempt to sell merchandise that you have no knowledge of or that you are not interested in. Look at Amazon’s best sellers and check out the competition in the niches that you are considering. If they are already flooded by hundreds of sellers, keep looking. You should also try to avoid competing with well-established brands.

While it’s important to understand the product, you also need to know where to get it. Find suppliers that can offer your product at the lowest price with reasonable turnaround time. Understanding the logistics of your Amazon channel are crucial. After determining your sources, you need to find out how the product will be shipped to you. Consider the cost of shipping as you decide how to price your product.

Unfortunately, your product won’t market itself, so your next step is to promote your Amazon channel like crazy. Social media provides a great platform for promoting your product. If you want to spend a little extra, opt for pay-per-click advertising. Amazon’s PPC program allows your product to show up first in their search results. Make sure that your product page is detailed with descriptive content and high-quality images.

If you’ve been considering trying your hand at Amazon selling, make 2018 the year that you take the plunge. WishingUWell can help.


Being an Amazon sales manager can be hard if you don’t know how to maximize the potential of your business using this site. The new trend for today’s business is to sell their products through known e-commerce sites. This infographic provides a step by step guide for businesses who want to capture their market properly.

Guide on How to Start a Business on Amazon [infographic]

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