2025 Vivid Vision

It’s December 31st, 2025 and
WishingUWell is a market leader
in e-commerce optimization!

We create simplicity for our clients. As the top provider of omnichannel online sales support, WishingUWell solves problems and eliminates headaches with proven solutions that increase sales, surge conversions, and amplify brand awareness.

We are led by

our Core Values

Respect Everyone

We honor our differences and leave ego at the door.

Always Come From Integrity

We do what is right, not what is easy.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We enjoy what we do and know when to take time off.

Embrace Growth & Change

We see every situation as an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve.

Create Value & Earn More

We innovate to propel our progress forward.


“I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”

We Enjoy What We Do.

We are a team of problem-solvers, self-starters, and self-directed growth-enthusiasts. But we’re also good people who are just as down-to-earth as we are successful and driven. 

Our profound level of commitment is founded on mutual respect and integrity. Integrity is the foundation from which everything else is built. 

We embrace growth by remaining adaptable, coachable, and never holding ourselves or others back in the face of fear

Change is essential to growth.

Our Communication Playbook sets the standards and protocols. We know how to communicate and clean up misunderstandings, recognizing when to communicate face-to-face and when to default to technology. We’re not afraid of change. 

We don’t cut corners. 

Team members remain open-minded toward new ways of doing things and strive to learn at every opportunity. Creating value is what drives us forward collectively. Innovation and creative problem-solving benefits not only society but also enriches our lives.

We’re a culture of trust and safety.

 No idea is too silly to bring up. We respect and embrace our differences so we can freely be who we are without fear of being judged. 

Being trustworthy and dependable means being transparent about our commitments and what we do. We take the most sustainable, long-term approach for the relationship and the outcome.

We all win together.

When it’s time to work, we focus. When the work is done, we unplug.

A healthy sense of fun nourishes our closeness and feeling of family. Despite our rapid expansion, we’ve sustained our level of connection. There’s no hierarchy in our ranks. Team members take the time to get to know one another and interact regardless of which department they occupy. We enjoy spending time and celebrating together: Whether enjoying Colorado’s plethora of outdoor activities or meeting up for dinner and drinks together, we build profound connections that last a lifetime.

We foster and create opportunities.

We promote from within, striving to align individual strengths and passions into new roles and then develop them through coaching. All departments are cross-trained to help each other out in times of need, so not all keys lie with a single individual. 

Learning and development budgets are allocated to expand skill sets and fuel growth, whether that be public speaking classes or investment courses. The company contributes education expenses for relevant degrees or certifications. Health is a big component of what we do.

We provide supplements, health talks, an onsite private chef to create meals and snacks, and workout classes to nurture the power of community and shared interests.

“Working here has been the best decision for my career.”


Our full C-level leadership team of thoughtful and driven professionals creates a ripple effect through our 300+ employees. Kind and innovative world-class leaders lean on their individual strengths and expertise to contribute to our dynamically diverse culture. Employee happiness is important to us. Leaders ensure every team member has a sounding board for discussion and connection. Their profound level of commitment to the team is reflected in our raving employee reviews and sustained perfect score on Glassdoor.

“WishingUWell handles the ‘hard stuff’ and has driven our sales through the roof.”

Core Business Activities

We build businesses. 

As the top white-glove provider of omnichannel online sales support for well-known consumer brands, we take care of everything.

Actions speak louder than words: Clients experience 5-10x sales growth as a result of increased product exposure, content consistency, and more efficient ad spend. 

We optimize for maximum growth while providing a comprehensive support. 

Our turn-key services include content creation, product listing optimization, online marketing expertise, marketplace insight for Amazon and Walmart, logistics and inventory fulfillment, customer service, insightful performance reports, and managing sales of the brand’s e-commerce website and customized systems to sustain a brand’s long-term success. 

We make world-class brands stronger. 

We amplify the presence of established category leaders with great equity by building out their e-commerce website and taking over fulfillment services to deftly manage the substantial increase in order volume.

There are a lot of components that need to come together to be successful in these marketplaces. We are relentlessly focused on delivering those elements flawlessly.

We take away the challenges and guesswork to make the process easy. Our strict attention to detail and fully integrated process ensure the highest degree of execution. 


We take customer service seriously. Our efforts to uphold the highest standard of customer satisfaction go above and beyond. We consistently earn an NPS world-class ranking while our Amazon feedback score continues to stay at 100% positive since our inception, and our client retention rate increases each year. 


“It feels like we’re all part of something big.”

Our 100K+ square-foot facility in Colorado Springs is as impressive on the outside as it is within. Its modern design and visually intriguing shape act as an invitation to join us inside and see what we’re all about. The composition of wood textures, steel frames, and glass features of second-floor office space reverberates with the buzz of creation and activity. 

The spacious open environment allows the team to spread out and take advantage of dedicated spaces to focus or collectively collaborate. Panoramic alpine views offer a grounding amidst the excitement—breathing space to relax and recharge. 

Our private chef-led cafeteria and daycare center ensure our team can remain fully present while board games, video games, and a state-of-the-art gym keep us physically and intellectually active. 

The expansive, first-floor warehouse thrums with the efficiency of advanced equipment and our sophisticated pick, pack, and ship system that process orders effectively. Dozens of trucks come through the facilities daily as our central location makes it easier and more cost-effective for brand partners and distribution centers to entrust their inventory to us.

Sales & Marketing

We’ve expanded our capabilities to represent brands on Amazon as well as Walmart and the D2C ecommerce websites of well established brands within their space. 

While our model thrives in the consumer packaged goods sector, we work with a variety of category leaders across markets. Organic referrals are our best form of advertising. Clients can’t wait to tell their friends about us, creating a steady stream of contributions to our referral program. The attention just rolls in as people reach out to us about the awesome results we create and the exceptional service we provide.

Our brand image is all about the people behind WishingUWell. 

We’re serious about what we do, and we do it well. But, we also enjoy what we do and harness all of the vitality life has to offer. Our social media showcases our team’s culture, hobbies, and passions. All the behind-the-scenes of where we spend our time and who we spend it with. We do it together; so get to know us better. 

Our educational content on LinkedIn and YouTube helps people understand the foundations of creating a successful brand on Amazon. Leads generate themselves as viewers share the content across their networks. 

Our sales strategy is simple: We invite you inside our home. 

Our well-connected and charismatic Chief Revenue Officer is instrumental in reaching our target. They create opportunities by speaking at events and welcoming prospective brands to come meet us and check out the facility. We fly them out so they can get to know us and what we’re about before signing off on an aligned partnership together.

Media & Awards

Our innovative environment to create and curate culture is drawing attention. We’ve been recognized as an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company year after year while publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal feature a peak behind the curtains of how we continue to set our team up to thrive. Our success and happiness come from our culture and our people. 

That’s why we top the ranking of Best Places to Work in Colorado, as voted by employees.


This year we’ve deftly hit a run rate of $250M annually and reached a healthy and sustainable double-digit EBITDA. As a result of our growth, we’re able to compensate our 300+ employees well above industry standard and continuously improve the revenue and profit per employee year after year.

Strongly aligned private investors catalyze our growth, providing introductions and connections to key relationships that make our vision a reality faster.

Giving Forward

It’s important for those of us that are more fortunate to give back to those who are less so—to teach, empower, and elevate them to improve their lives. WishingUWell offers pro bono services to small, minority-owned businesses and shows them how to implement sustainable practices of their own.

We create opportunities for others. Our philanthropic strategy is fluid, allowing room for our team to align with their own interests and passions. Each quarter, team members choose charitable events close to their hearts and take an entire workday to volunteer together. We continue to support the local community through monetary contributions, donating consumable products to shelters and charities, and hosting monthly fundraising events to raise both awareness and funds.

Founder Feeling

“I believe we can”

I admire individuals who look at the way things are today and think, “We can do better.” 

Challenging the status quo is the very definition of entrepreneurship. Instead of conforming or accepting the way things are, create your own reality. For me, it’s about being the architect of your own life. And I want to see that extended to everyone I come into contact with. 

I believe we can always improve.
I believe we can always learn and grow.
And I believe there’s more than enough to go around for all of us. 

That’s what inspired my journey to create something from nothing. But by extension, I want to share that with others and show them that they can also create the reality they desire. Whatever current opportunities are out there, we can create something better—and everybody can benefit from it. 

WishingUWell fosters opportunities for new career paths, income sources, connections, and friendships that enhance the lives of everyone within it. And as the business expands, so does our impact. That’s what fuels our drive for growth:

create something so much bigger than ourselves that it extends and extrapolates to impact more people than we could have ever imagined. 

As we celebrate and share stories of what it took to get here, we can’t help but look to the future. What’s in store for the next three years?

If this vision brings you the same “holy shit, I want to be a part of this” feeling it inspired in us, reach out. Become a part of something greater.

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