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Top Holiday Gifts!

Get ready to dive into the season of giving with our curated list of holiday gift ideas featuring extraordinary offerings from our exceptional brands. These carefully selected presents just might be the key to lighting up your loved ones’ faces with joy this holiday season, leaving them over the moon 🌕.

A Gift of Love from the Inside Out

With Olipop soda, you don’t have to choose between taste and good for you. You can have your soda AND drink it too. 😉 With prebiotics that promote healthy gut bacteria, plant fibers/botanicals that aid in digestion and low sugar (only 2-5 grams!), you can be sure you’re checking off the healthy box. Healthy and tasty, think of Olipop as the treasure chest of refreshment: bubbling with not only carbonation, but riveting flavor as well. Get lost in the flavors Tropical Punch, Classic Grape, Vintage Cola, Classic Root Beer, Strawberry Vanilla & Orange Squeeze. 25% off  Black Friday to Cyber Monday!  

A Parent’s Organic Dream

Eco-conscious parents seek the finest natural and organic products for their precious newborns, ensuring a healthy start for their little ones and a better future for our planet. The search can end with Dr. Bronner’s baby unscented pure-castile soap! Now babies can get crystal clean while staying away from cruelty-filled cleaners. Babies will smile and laugh from the gentle yet powerful effects of Dr. Bronner’s plant-based soap.

Tail-Wagging Treasure: Perfect Gift for Man’s Best Friend

Athletic or outdoorsy dog owners will love this one. Ever sense that your dog needs to hydrate, but can’t find a suitable spot for him to drink from? Field + Wander’s  2-in-1 portable water bottle is your lifesaver at that moment… lifting your dog out of desperate dehydration. This bottle has a fold out drinking tray that can conveniently clip to a bag, belt or leash. Now you can run, hike or take long walks with your dog worry free.

For the Cleaning Aficionado

Let the sweet scent of peppermint last longer than just winter with Dr. Bronner’s organic and plant-based pure-castile cleanser! This gift is perfect for the clean freak. Castile is like the soap version of the dyson vacuum, quickly removing dirt, grime and grease from your body, clothes, dishes, windows and so much more. Feel clean and pristine while leaving behind the harmful synthetic preservatives, detergents and foaming agents found in other soaps. Dr. Bronner’s castile formula is so potent, you’ll be wondering if magic is real. This seemingly magical formula lets you use less product, saving your money and the world at the same time 🌎

A Fitness Fanatic’s Dream

Find your workout wear effortlessly with Haven Athletic’s stylish gym duffel!  With sturdy compartments that hold up on their own you will think of this bag as your personal assistant. Hold it perfectly with the magnetic handle straps or padded movable shoulder strap. And of course, there’s an accessible water bottle compartment for easy hydration on the go💧. While working out may be hard and challenging, prepping for it shouldn’t be.

A Gift That Speaks for Itself: No Mansplaining Required!

Do you know a man in your life who is a little obsessed with his appearance?? Behold Gentlemen’s Hardware’s  6-piece manicure set. Small and portable, anyone can now have easy access to all the manicure essentials, at their fingertips😏 Featuring stainless steel tweezers, scissors, nail clippers, large nail clippers, a cuticle pusher and a nail file, any man can feel picture ready at any time!

The Perfect Gift for the Ultimate Stash Protector

Traveling for the holidays? Check out the safe and durable Dime Bags’  Omerta Duffle Bag that’ll protect your special belongings like silver armor. With dual yet light cotton padding, your most fragile items are protected like the King ordered them so! The dual zipper is an odor-containment solution that ensures your personal scent preferences remain your best-kept secret, allowing you to enjoy your favorite aromas without drawing any unwanted attention.

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