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Tips to Boost Fourth of July Sales

July is traditionally a sluggish month for sales because fun in the sun and warmer weather is stealing everyone’s attention.  However, the celebration of Independence Day on July Fourth gives Amazon sellers help in the form of an opportunity to rebound.  They can connect with their audiences and achieve their marketing goals through the expression of American pride.

If you want to create your own fireworks in the form of increased Amazon sells, here are a few Fourth of July tips:

  • Run holiday discounts – Regardless of the products you sell, you can offer July Fourth-themed discounts for several weeks leading up to the holiday. Give your products a patriotic spin.  For example, if you sell t-shirts, offer lower rates on your red, white, and blue shirts.
  • Promote overstock items – You might have excess merchandise in your warehouse that has not moved for months or years. A Fourth of July sale is your opportunity to move these items out of your storage space. Sell at a big discount and make room for new inventory.
  • Give away free stuff – Freebies will draw new buyers to your site and foster loyalty among your current customers.
  • Fourth of July blog prompts – If you are running a regular blog on your website, write Independence Day-themed posts to appeal to your readers’ patriotic spirit. Include references to your Fourth of July sales and promotions in your blogs.
  • Participate in local events – You might be focused on selling online, but that should not stop you from participating in a local Fourth of July activity. Sponsor or join in local events for the holiday, and make sure to tout your products with a sign or cards that bear your website address.   Write about the events in your blogs.
  • Run an e-mail campaign – Send an email blitz to your existing customers promoting your Fourth of July sale.  Start as early as the first couple weeks in June. This will allow your customers to plan how they will take advantage of your sales and promotions.

Avoid the summer doldrums by cashing in on Fourth of July fever.


Fourth of July is an important day for all Americans who believe friendship is essential in making connections and networks. This is also a good time to increase sales despite the fact that it is the dreadful season for sellers. July isn’t that friendly to all sellers. But you can befriend it with the tips from this infographic.

Tips to Boost Fourth of July Sales [infographic]

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