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Tips for Successful Selling on Amazon

The Amazon marketplace has become highly competitive. Hundreds of sellers carry the same items, so it takes considerable effort to distinguish yourself from the pack. Here are some tips to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Offer detailed product information

Providing accurate and thorough product information will help customers find you in their search. Do not skimp on information that will help searchers access your products easily.

Likewise, since customers can’t see your merchandise in person, they need strong visuals to help them feel confident in their purchase. Blurry or grainy images of your product will not attract buyers. Make sure that your images show the product from different angles where appropriate and that they are clear.

Be competitive

Everybody on Amazon is striving to own the Buy Box. Amazon’s algorithms will ultimately determine who wins the Buy Box, but you can improve your chances by offering low prices, good product availability through consistent Amazon inventory management and fulfillment options, and positive consumer reviews.

Do not aim to make big profits by pricing your products above the competitors. Do research on competitors’ pricing and check out the “Match Low Price” feature on Amazon that allows you to stay on par with the cheapest seller.
Timely and accurate fulfillment of orders is essential in online selling. Your customers will abandon you if you cannot deliver as promised. To ensure that all orders are delivered on time, you can entrust the fulfillment function of your online business to FBA instead of doing it yourself.


When you make your customer your top priority, your efforts will pay off. You will be able to retain customers and get new ones as word of mouth spreads about your first-rate customer service.

Just like any other marketplace, Amazon has rules for sellers. Don’t try to bend the rules just to make an extra buck. Meet requirements with exactness so that you won’t be penalized or suspended.

Do not stop working hard once you start seeing profits. To maintain momentum, continue to market your merchandise and take steps to keep your customers happy and engaged.

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