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Supporting Senior Citizens

With August welcoming Senior Citizens Day, we wanted to share ways to support our senior citizens. Seniors don’t ask for much, other than to be acknowledged. Keeping seniors actively involved makes them feel appreciated by society as an individual.

Here are some meaningful activities for the senior citizens in your family that can raise their spirits and support multi-generation participation.

  1. Include activities that have a lot of physical contact and eye contact with the elderly. Just a simple show of compassion by hugging them is something that can generate many emotions from them. Aside from that, the feeling of being a recipient of a warm hug feels good and can relax anyone.
  2. Read books. If you know your favorite senior’s favorite book, you can read it aloud to them for some fun, free bonding time.
  3. Go on a movie marathon with them. Pick out their favorite movies and watch as many as you can with them.
  4. Make a family tree. Building a family tree with a senior will help them relive memories. You’ll likely be blessed with some amazing stories, too.

These activities do not have to be grandiose. In fact, the simplest gestures are often the most inexpensive yet the most impactful. Help boost the morale of seniors in your life. Keep their body strong with  targeted health supplements and their mind and emotions feeling loved by giving them affection on Senior Citizens Day.

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