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Reach for the Stars!

Are you ready to go on another thrilling journey through the vast expanse of the e-commerce universe? Today, we’re going to tackle the gold mine that is Amazon advertising. 

In the world of Amazon selling, advertising is your rocket fuel. And during the holiday season, when shopping traffic is zooming at warp speed, it can be tempting to dive into the world of Amazon paid marketing head first. But when you don’t have much experience or guidance, you might drown, because Amazon’s suggestions can be misleading. WishingUWell will be your astronaut lifeguard, seeing all the things you can’t that will save your business.  

Let’s start our cosmic journey by exploring the treasure chests of Amazon ads: Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.

Sponsored Products

Think of Sponsored Products as your nimble interceptor, zipping through the galaxy to target specific keywords related to your products. They can appear in search results and product detail pages, making them highly effective at driving conversions.

However, while they’re cost-effective for relevant keywords, they offer limited brand visibility and are less effective at promoting new products. Consider Sponsored Product Ads as the grand finale of your marketing show, not the opening number. They’re your dazzling fireworks at the end of a celebration, transforming spectators into buyers! During the holiday season, these starfighters can help you hit the bullseye. Holiday shoppers often use specific keywords to find gifts, so optimizing bids for high-intent terms can bring in a stellar ROI.

Sponsored Brands

On the other hand, Sponsored Brands are like a billboard on a busy highway, showcasing your brand and product portfolio with a carousel ad format. They offer increased brand awareness, directing traffic to your brand store and promoting multiple products at once.

While they’re less targeted than Sponsored Products and have a higher cost per click (CPC), they’re ideal for building brand recognition during high-traffic periods like the holidays. This is especially true for new or lesser-known brands. 

Navigating the Holiday Galaxy with WishingUWell

When deciding which ad type to use, consider your goals, product mix, budget, campaign phases, and holiday timing. As a full-service Amazon partner, we review the objectives a brand is trying to achieve and then set the strategy to meet those objectives. We’ll even handle the complex tasks of keyword research, ad optimization, and bidding, so you won’t have to lift a finger!

Success on Amazon doesn’t happen overnight, but with a strong partner like WishingUWell, you’re well on your way to building a business that prospers. Fire up those engines, and let us chart your course to glowing new heights!

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