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Along with sweating it out, fueling your body right is top of many resolution lists. But hey, don’t let the idea of munching on greens scare you off! Drink Olipop, a soda that’s all about guilt-free taste! Hard to believe you can enjoy a fizzy treat while also getting prebiotics and plant fiber for promoting gut & heart health, plus help in keeping blood sugar steady? Believe it! And with only 5g of sugar and no artificial nasties, it’s all good vibes here. 

Taking a break from alcohol for Dry January? Olipop is ready to keep your taste buds entertained. Classic Grape & Classic Root Beer bring the bar to you, or try other flavors, such as Orange Squeeze, Ginger Ale and Strawberry Vanilla for a sweet escape. Want to taste all the flavors to know which one to indulge? Try all the signature flavors with the Explore the Flavors pack! With a flavor party like this, there’s an Olipop for everyone!

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