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New Year’s Eve Selling Strategies

Competition thrives online on New Year’s Eve as retailers attempt to outdo each other with price cuts. As people get ready to welcome the New Year, businesses frequently offer big deals to clear out merchandise. Just as brick-and-mortar shops lower prices, so do online stores.

Here are a few ideas to capture the attention of year-end shoppers.

  • Plan ahead – Start advertising your New Year’s deals well in advance. You can ramp up your ads of “Didn’t get what you really wanted this Christmas?” right after Christmas, encouraging people to start another wave of shopping after the holiday.
  • Generate unique content – While you’re producing valuable content for Christmas, don’t forget to add New Year to your content calendar. Outside of selling on marketplaces, your traditional website likely gets the majority of its traffic from search engines. Take measures in advance to attract New Year bargain shoppers through the use of keywords and current content to make sure that your site ranks well.
  • Follow Up Online – Just because a visitor leaves your website doesn’t mean that you can’t still engage them. Embrace retargeting. Retargeting is a method of advertising that re-displays your brand or products to a visitor on other websites after they’ve left your site. Retargeting is a cheap way to engage those that have already shown some interest in your product. What a great way to convert abandoned visitors.

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean that buyers aren’t still in the mood for a great deal. Adopting good strategies now to launch attention-getting, year-end promotions can keep your sales on the upward trend through the very last hours of the year.

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