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Merchandise Not Selling? This May be Why

An entrepreneur’s greatest worry is that his or her product or service won’t sell.  After all, the only reason a business fails is not enough customers.  The big challenge is to present your product in the way that is most appealing to customers to garner the volume of sales that you need.

Here are a few things that can cripple your online sales and suggestions to weather the storm:

  • Your product is hiding – Consumers cannot buy a product that they don’t know exists. If your product is lagging in search results, find out why and fix it. Are your critical keywords included in the product’s title?  Do you have compelling product information?
  • You have low-quality product images – You might have multiple product pictures, but if they are not high quality, they’re nearly just as worthless as having none. Image integrity is vital in selling a product. Since people can’t see your product in person, they want to be able to see them as clearly as possible through good quality pictures and videos.
  • There is not enough product information – Consumers purchase products when they are convinced that the product can fulfill their needs. Lack of product information can drive potential costumers away.
  • You’re not driving traffic – Once you have optimized your product listing on Amazon, make sure to find ways to drive traffic to your product. You can do this through other platforms such as a website with SEO, social media advertising Facebook, tutorial videos on YouTube, and more.
  • Not enough reviews – According to this Inc. article, “91 percent of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews, and 84 percent trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.” Nowadays, reviews are a must to help educate your potential customers why they need your product.

If you have a great product, make sure that you’re positioning it well.  Sometimes just a few changes in the way that you present your merchandise can make all of the difference.

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