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Meal Replacements for Winter

We tend to go outside less in winter. The temperatures are often inhospitable, coaxing us to stay indoors where heat is in rich supply. Sometimes, we’re forced to stay inside, such as when a storm or blizzard hits, requiring us to hole up indoors. When we spend too much time indoors, there’s a culprit ready to strike: boredom. While boredom is not considered pathological, it can still have a significant effect on our well-being. It can trigger other feelings such as anxiety, anger, and depression. It can also trigger habits such as excessive eating.

Many people will tell you that once boredom becomes unbearable, just like with depression and anxiety, eating can feel like a natural escape. This means of escape may be traced back to our younger days. When we got bored waiting for something or when we were stuck in the car on road trips, our parents may have given us something to eat to stop our whining.

For many of us, eating as a relief of boredom developed into a habit that we carried into our adult life. We may munch mindlessly on something while we are studying for an arduous exam. We may reach for snacks as we sit on the couch with the television droning on in front of us. We may reach for food simply to break the monotony of life.

The problem is, when we mindlessly eat our way through winter days, we are packing on unwanted and unnecessary pounds that we will have to reckon with in summer.

Nutrition Bars and Meal Replacements 

Nutrition bars and meal replacements were originally made for serious athletes who needed that extra fuel for their workouts. Today, these products are no longer targeting athletes alone. They are now mainstream products that are consumed by people needing a nutritional boost. They are handy for people who may not have adequate time to eat three square meals a day. Nutrition bars and meal replacements can be stashed in the pocket, purse, and desk drawer for quick meals. There are hundreds of nutrition bars and meal replacements to choose from.

Rather than mindlessly snacking on fattening foods, keep a nutrition bar or meal replacement handy. When you have the urge to start munching, grab the nutrition bar or meal replacement. It will provide important vitamins and minerals and also help you feel full so you won’t be as tempted to snack.

Wishing U Well has a wide array of nutrition bars and meal replacements. Wishing U Well’s nutrition bars include Clif Builder’s Bars, Luna Bars, Probar Base Cookies, and Quest Nutrition Bars. Our meal replacements include Probar Koka Moka, Primal Fuel, Quest Nutrition Protein Powder, and plenty more.

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