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A new Amazon rule comes into play starting April 1. And nope, it wasn’t an elaborate April Fool’s joke designed to make sellers spit out their morning coffee in disbelief. Amazon decided to introduce fees for having low inventory, sending sellers into a frenzy to polish their forecasting skills like they were prepping for a spelling bee championship.

This move was aimed at turning Amazon’s inventory management into something akin to a well-oiled machine — sleek, efficient, and faster than your uncle running for the last slice of pizza. Amazon is implementing fees on standard-size items that seem to play a perpetual game of hide-and-seek with customer demand, especially when their supply takes siesta below 28 days, based on sales data from the past 90 and 30 days.

But plot twist! Not all sellers need to start stress-eating just yet. Amazon waved its magic wand to make exceptions for the new kids on the block and their shiny new products. New professional sellers in their first year and new-to-FBA parent products for the first 180 days under the FBA New Selection program get a free pass from this fee. And items managed through Amazon Warehousing and Distribution? They’re sitting pretty, too.

For those selling seasonal goodies or items with inventory levels as unpredictable as Colorado’s weather, strategies like sending in reinforcements or mastering optimized “historical” inventory levels can help dodge the fee bullet. Plus, products that have been out of stock or have had a hard time selling in the past 30 or 90 days (resulting in a supply history over 28 days) get to join the exemption party.

Hopping on board with WishingUWell feels like unlocking a secret level in your favorite game — an epic win!  Here at WishingUWell, we’re like the nerds of Amazon — proactive, brainy, and equipped with a deep understanding of the marketplace’s secret codes. Our specialized inventory squad meticulously tracks inventory levels with the precision of a cat stalking its prey, ensuring your stock levels are as optimized as a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. That way, we sidestep unnecessary fees (storage or low inventory) while keeping the hungry customers well-fed.

With the roll-out of Amazon’s low inventory fees, having WishingUWell in your corner is more beneficial than a cheat code in a video game. We stay alert to policy changes like a night owl on caffeine, tweaking our strategies to guard your interests. Our expertise and dedicated teams cut through Amazon’s complex jungle, allowing you to glide through growth like a hot knife through butter.

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