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Keeping Kids Healthy and Happy

Celebrated on the first Monday of October, Child Health Day intends to raise awareness on how parents can protect and develop their children’s health. The celebration is participated in by parents, organizations, and agencies that are interested in child welfare.


Health organizations and health professionals take part in the various events and activities celebrating Child Health Day. The Health Resources and Services Administration takes the lead role in providing resources on issues such as child fitness, healthy choices, and obesity prevention. The Maternal and Child Health Library sponsors activities focusing on physical activity and healthy eating for children.

Parents can keep their children healthy by observing the following:

  • Children get enough sleep – Children need as much as ten hours of sleep each night. They can also benefit from taking naps during the day. Parents can make bedtime enjoyable by incorporating routines that include bathing, brushing of teeth, bedtime stories, and other activities that will help children unwind before falling asleep.
  • Healthy food and plenty of water – Make the children eat enough healthy food and drink sufficient quantity of water. This will teach them the importance of eating healthy for the rest of their lives.
  • Minimize junk food – Children love to eat junk food. Minimize their intake of this kind of food as they easily promote obesity, the mother of all health problems.
  • Keep children away from cigarette smoke – Children must not breathe second-hand smoke as it can lead to asthma and other respiratory problems.
  • Teach children good personal habits – Teach them young. Make sure children learn the importance of hand washing before eating, after using the restroom, after wiping their nose, etc. Teach children how to cover their mouth when they cough, and other healthy personal habits that will protect themselves and the people around them from illnesses.

Vitamin Supplements 

Children may not get all their nutrients from the food they eat. Especially when they think they can survive on chicken nuggets and cheese. Vitamin supplements can help round up the nutritional requirements of growing children. Organic vitamin supplements from Wishing U Well, such as the Kid’s One Daily by MegaFood, probiotics, and others can help make the children healthier and stronger.

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