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An Inter-WUW with Emma Bleeker - Brand Success Manager

An Inter-WUW with Emma Bleeker: Brand Success Manager

Q: How important is it to establish the brand voice on the eCommerce platform?

A: Without a brand voice on Amazon, a brand cannot speak for itself on the Amazon customer experience, nor can it control what this experience looks like for new and loyal customers on the platform. Not having an established brand voice can hurt a brand’s overall eCommerce presence, D2C brand websites, and even brick-and-mortar sales.

Q: What is the significance of holiday marketing, and how does it differ from yearly marketing?

A: There are two different time points to keep in mind when discussing holiday sales. The first pertains to Q1, Q2, and Q3. While it is essential to maintain a consistent marketing presence all year, ramping up holiday products can really boost a brand’s revenue opportunity throughout the year and lessen the effects of the dreaded “seasonal dip”. A brand can leverage the search terms of a holiday to effectively improve its product positioning and take advantage of organic search results and increased traffic, improving sales while maintaining a good ROI, or even reaching a higher one.



The second time point to consider pertains to quarter four, where Holiday Season Marketing is key. This time period unlocks a massive opportunity for brands through higher product demand, increased traffic, and an increased sense of urgency from customers.


This time of year can generate massive revenue for a brand, or potentially drop them off the platform if the brand doesn’t keep itself relevant and appropriately placed within its target market’s search terms.


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Q: How can brands upgrade their marketing in time for the holidays?

A: It’s important to monitor the success of the keywords throughout Q4 to ensure they are converting at the highest level possible or are being updated with more high-ranking keywords and phrases.


Q: What are some basic ways brands can reach their target audience?

A: A general rule for broadening one’s target audience in eCommerce is to define the main consumer behaviors within these groups. This means asking yourself a variety of questions such as: What problem does my product solve (i.e. a need for healthy snacks, or to relieve fatigue)? What stands out about my product among the competition? Are my consumers environmentally conscious? Where will consumers typically use this product (i.e. at home, the office, the living room, or outdoors)? When it comes to Amazon, it’s important to refine your target customers’ primary search terms or phrases. Find products that are similar to or exactly like yours, or offer similar benefits as your product type. With that, you can pursue a cohesive and strategic plan between the organic listing content keywords and the keywords you’re targeting through advertising to ensure placement and visibility by your target audience.


Q: What are some safety measures to meet marketing goals every quarter? What are some effective strategies to meet marketing goals every quarter?

A: Remaining consistent within the Amazon algorithm is a surefire way to help your brand generate success every quarter. With that in mind, we recommend adding branded product detail pages with quality content that promotes customer recognition across product lines. Make sure to re-optimize live content with cursory refreshes and updates every 6-12 months, depending on the trends and changes within your product category. 


WUW has a standard of practice to maintain listing copy with relevant and trending SEO in conjunction with graphics showcasing good lifestyle imagery and a product video (if available and applicable to the product).

In Conclusion

Marketing is an essential factor of eCommerce that is often neglected, or not given nearly as much attention as is necessary to propel succession on the Amazon platform. Keeping holiday marketing in mind, as well as performing regular listing re-optimizations and establishing a clear brand voice will speak effectively to the brand’s target audience.


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