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How to Use Amazon Product Inserts

Amazon Product Inserts are a cost-effective marketing tactic to promote your products or brand on Amazon. Typically they are small in size, think the size of a business card. These packaging inserts are a great way to directly communicate with your Amazon customers before sending them your products. Many brands use inserts as an educational tool, to provide customer service, request reviews, give samples, or offer a discount. In this blog, you’ll learn more about why you should be using Amazon Product Inserts—or as we like to call them, Amazon 5P Inserts. You’ll cover your 5Ps:
  1. Product Story
  2. Product Launches
  3. Product Samples
  4. Product Discounts
  5. Product Reviews

5 Goals for Using Amazon Product Inserts


An exceptional buying experience is one of the easiest ways to impress customers on Amazon—this includes proactive customer service. By anticipating your customers’ needs, packaging inserts have the ability to make customers feel cared for and valued. Use inserts as a way to educate your customers about your brand or product by providing easy-to-read instructions, fun recipe cards, handy tips and tricks, warranty information, or to simply offer words of encouragement. Proactive customer service can protect your brand or product from receiving negative reviews while purposefully delighting your Amazon customers.


Nowadays, consumers rely heavily on other shoppers to share their experiences so they can make informed buying decisions. This is especially true on Amazon where shoppers see peer reviews as the most trustworthy way to purchase products from the platform. These promotional inserts are an effective way to jumpstart reviews on newly launched products, aid products with little feedback, or revamp products with negative feedback. It’s important to note that Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS) has a very strict policy on how to ask for reviews. Craft the perfect message by using neutral language that doesn’t incentivize your customers or make any promises. This will help steadily increase reviews and increase your sales over time. Interested in learning about other ways to increase your reviews? Check out our blog on the “Early Reviewer Program: Is It Worth It for Amazon Sellers?”


Adding little surprises, like free samples, to your Amazon product packaging can give customers the warm fuzzies about your brand. Everyone loves to “try before they buy” so use these promotional inserts as an opportunity to foster new relationships and inspire loyalty, reward existing customers to secure future sales, and create brand advocates on and off Amazon. It’s the small things that make customers feel appreciated so give your customers a taste of what you’re selling and see how it works in your favor. If you want Amazon to do all the heavy lifting, try Amazon’s BOGO promotion under the Advertising tab on Seller Central.


Offering an unexpected discount has all the same benefits as providing free samples— and vice versa. In a competitive marketplace, both are great ways to promote your entire product line. Use Amazon Product Inserts with discount codes as an opportunity to spotlight a new product, expand customer knowledge of your product line, or persuade your customers to buy differently. Whether it’s a discount code or a free sample, your brand can maximize all the benefits these two incentives have to offer on the Amazon platform through marketing inserts. Try Amazon’s Social Media Promo Codes as a way to track sales from your packaging inserts—or simply use a coupon. However, coupons will be less effective in tracking the source, learn more on our blog “How to Use Amazon Coupons Effectively & Strategically.”


With new products or product lines, it’s important to get reviews and create initial sales so that your products start to organically rank higher on the search results pages—a conundrum at times. One effective solution to this is to offer a discount and a freebie. The discount psychologically draws in new customers and convinces them to try something new while freebies create a positive brand experience that inadvertently leads customers to review your products. Spend a little upfront to increase your ROI over time.


marketing inserts, you have the ability to effectively drive multiple sources of traffic to your Amazon product listings in order to increases sales over time. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Set a Goal: Pick from the goals above and decide what the purpose is for your marketing inserts. You can mix and match benefits—except for requesting reviews as that cannot be paired with any other offer.
  2. Design Your Insert: Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Use clear language to meet your goals, include your logo, and design your inserts to be about the size of a business card. Remember to follow Amazon’s Communication Guidelines as well as Amazon’s TOS when crafting your messages.
  3. Print Your Inserts/Provide Samples: Print your inserts on heavy-duty paper like cardstock or get creative and use a sticker—either way, make sure it stands out in the packaging. Also, consider samples that are travel-sized to cut down on the cost of shipping.
  4. Packing Inserts: Pack the inserts or samples into each individual unit that is sent to Amazon Fulfillment Centers or to your customers. Be strategic and only use inserts for certain products or educate your customers about your entire product line, whichever is more effective for meeting your goals.
  5. Reporting Back for Discount Codes: If you are offering a discount code to your Amazon customers, make sure you are tracking those discounts and generating reports—you’ll want to track how successful this initiative is for your company.

It’s to your advantage to utilize every opportunity available to engage, educate, and sell customers on Amazon—while staying compliant with their terms of service. Including marketing materials like a packaging insert to upsell, reward existing customers, or incentivize new customers is one of the easiest ways to create a connection. Use this effective marketing strategy to meet your Amazon goals.

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