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How Amazon Sellers Can Build Credibility

If the Amazon marketplace feels crowded, it’s because it has more than 2 million sellers.  If you are new to the Amazon selling world, your biggest challenge will be establishing your credibility. Most Amazon shoppers have trusted merchants that they have been buying from for years.  If you are a newcomer, how do you make old-time buyers change their minds and switch to your online store? The answer lies in creating a credible and reputable name.

Here are some Amazon brand management strategies for winning buyers’ trust:

  • Make a good first impression – Since you don’t have long to win customers over, you will have to wow them from the very start. Use professional images of your product and include clear product descriptions. If you get product inquiries, respond as soon as possible with courteous answers.
  • Create a unique selling proposition – You can spin amazing descriptions laden with adjectives that proclaim your product’s superiority.  Customers have heard it all before, though. Claims to be the very best ring hollow, because everyone is claiming the same thing.   Rather, seek to differentiate your products from the competition in meaningful ways.  Showcase the uniqueness of your wares as compared to the competition’s.
  • Third-party testimonials – For online selling, there’s nothing quite as helpful as positive reviews for establishing the credibility of your brand. When you receive plenty of positive reviews from your buyers, other customers will be enticed to try your products since most online buyers today base their decisions on product reviews.

The future of your Amazon selling will depend largely on how the customer base perceives your brand. Once you establish your reputation and credibility, sales success will follow.

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