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Healthy, Happy Holidays for the Kids

Every parent wants to make their child’s Christmas a perfect one. That can involve the perfect décor, the perfect presentation of gifts on Christmas morning, the perfect holiday meals, and more. Holiday memories often linger into adulthood. As you strive to make those memories positive ones for your kids, consider a few tips to guide your planning.

Christmas Gifts for Kids 

The anticipation of Christmas is a thing of wonder for many children. They may finally be getting a gift they have dreamed about the whole year. Presents lie hidden behind wrapping paper and ribbon for the weeks preceding Christmas, heightening the sense of excitement.

Knowing how much Christmas means to children, parents may feel added pressure to secure the right gifts. They may feel stressed and tired as they move from store to store, trying to cross everything off the wish list.

So how can you make a special Christmas for children without exhausting yourself or your pocket book? How do you pick just the right gifts? Here are a few tips for making Christmas memorable for kids.

  • Start buying presents early – To avoid the frantic holiday rush, do your Christmas shopping early. Take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.
  • It’s not always the price – Your children will doubtless appreciate your presents regardless of their price. Expensive gifts don’t guarantee enjoyment, but well-thought-out gifts from the heart can assure kids of your love and care.
  • Get something based on their interests – Don’t give your son a toy car because you love cars. Consider their interests as the basis for gift buying.
  • Give something useful – Kids may want every gift they see on commercials, but consider the merits of the toy carefully. Opt for toys that are fun and entertaining but also have educational value.

Holiday Meals 

Tastes and smells carry through the years. A bite of pumpkin pie may transport you back to your grandma’s Thanksgiving table. A slice of slow-roasted ham may conjure up Christmases past. Food can shape our holiday experiences. Here are a few ideas for bringing the holidays to life with good food.

  • Prepare healthy food for Christmas – Traditional Christmas foods are wonderful, but it’s a good idea to temper them with healthy eating practices. Serve fresh, home-baked foods instead of fat-laden processed ones. Make sure your traditions support a happy, healthy lifestyle.
  • Nutrition bars and meal replacements – Instead of candy bars and other sugar-laden food that you normally see during the holidays, serve healthy nutrition bars and replacement meals. They make great stocking stuffers—especially for teenagers on the go.

For nutrition bars and meal replacements, Wishing U Well has a wide array of healthy and organic items that are good for munching during the holiday season and beyond.

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