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Today is Global Recycling Day, but here at WishingUWell, we don’t just celebrate recycling one day a year. Nope, we’re like the Groundhog Day of recycling – it’s a never-ending loop of green goodness! Let’s talk numbers, shall we? Imagine a parking lot filled with 43 shiny Priuses. Now, replace those cars with heaps of cardboard. That’s the amount we recycle every year – a whopping 130,000 pounds! It’s like we’re running a gym for cardboard, turning flabby waste into fit resources.

But, our love for Mother Earth doesn’t stop there. We’re always on the prowl for innovative ways to reduce waste. Picture us as eco-friendly ninjas, stealthily swapping out traditional packaging for biodegradable and compostable alternatives. Our mission: to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible, while still delivering top-notch quality. Speaking of innovation, we use special processes that allow us to use less plastic film, while optimizing our packaging process. It’s like putting our waste on a diet and watching the pounds melt away.

Now, nobody likes to party alone, and we’re no different. We’ve found an eco-friendly partner in Dr. Bronner’s, the planet-loving wizards behind sustainable body and home care products. They are dancing to the same tune as us with their 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and their snazzy refill cartons that use 82% less plastic. Talk about a celebration!

So, as we tip our hats to Global Recycling Day, we’re pumped for another year of being green. Remember, every small step towards sustainability is like a high five to our planet. We invite you all to join us in this thrilling ride towards a greener, cleaner future.

Happy Global Recycling Day, folks!

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