Common questions about Wishing U Well

  • What’s so bad about using conventional skin and body care products?

    Using conventional skin and body care products is similar to using tobacco; you can often do it for a long time before it has a major effect on your health. However, much like tobacco, these conventional products contain substances that are known carcinogens, such as coal tar, ethylene oxide, hydroquinone and lead, to name a few. Over time, using products that contain such unhealthy ingredients can produce negative health effects that are difficult to reverse.

  • Why should I pay for organic products when cheaper, “natural” products are available?

    First, it should be mentioned that the term “natural” is not regulated by the FDA. If a product has even one natural ingredient, its maker can claim the product is “naturally formulated”. As for paying a higher price for organic products that are truly safe, the saying that “you get what you pay for” applies. In many cases, organic products cost more than “natural” ones because the latter contain unhealthy, inexpensive chemicals that are even cheaper when purchased in bulk.

  • Can using a safe, healthy product really prevent serious health problems in the future?

    If you expose yourself to conventional skin and body care products that have dangerous ingredients, you may or may not experience health problems later, depending on your biochemistry and whether you are exposed to other substances that could have a negative, synergistic effect when combined with the ingredients in these products. At Wishing U Well, our position is: Why take the risk? After all, the ultimate goal is to feel vital, healthy and happy.

  • Do safe, organically formulated products work as well as the products they replace?

    The idea that safe, organically formulated products are less efficacious than their conventional counterparts is a problem of popular perception. Various industries — from the cosmetics industry to the cleaning solvents industry — have developed safe products that are “drop in” replacements for ones that contain dangerous ingredients. This means that these products can replace the dangerous ones with no appreciable difference in the quality of the end result.

  • Why should I order products from Wishing U Well instead of products from similar sellers?

    It’s true: since the green movement started, and producing safe skin and body care products became profitable, there has been no shortage of companies offering these goods. The difference between us and other sellers, however, is that we are deeply concerned with how our products personally impact the user. We believe that, if we sell safe, effective products that enrich your health and vitality, the financial side of our business will naturally take care of itself.

Start Treating Yourself Healthier Today

Almost all of us who use safe skin and body care products have been there: Our bathroom cabinets were filled with cosmetics and body care products that contained dangerous ingredients, before we switched to safe replacement solutions. At Wishing U Well, we make the replacement process easy by offering healthy, efficacious products at great prices. Find what you need in our online store, and start treating yourself to a healthier, happier life today!