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Dead Sea Warehouse Exclusive Q&A with Founder & CEO, Annie Cunningham

Dead Sea Warehouse is a stand out brand when it comes to natural body care. Their products range from mud masks to skin polishers, face and body bars to their incredible dead sea bath salt (my favorite). They only offer products created with the utmost care and integrity, utilizing all natural ingredients that are safe and effective. Read on to discover the inspiring and beautiful journey of Dead Sea Warehouse through my Q&A with the Founder & CEO, Annie Cunningham.


Q: You started Dead Sea in 2002. What was the initial spark and what keeps you moving forward after 14 years? 

A: My initial spark was the relief my husband experienced from his severe arthritic pain soaking in Dead Sea Bath Salts. It was AMAZING! His fingers were so arthritic we could no longer hold hands due to the pain. A relative suggested he try the Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts and voila! He found relief in a completely natural product, rather than utilizing harsh (and many times addictive) painkillers. 14 years and a daily soak later, we continue to hold hands, pain free, daily – and we’ve been together 30 years now. Seeing such incredible relief from an all-natural product moved me to find a way to make this product a more affordable choice for Americans. (At the time these bath salts sold for $7.00 or more a pound). And thus my affordable 5 lb bucket of 100% full mineral Dead Sea Bath Salts was born and introduced into the marketplace at Elk Grove Vitamins, Elk Grove, Ca. in June of 2002.

What keeps me moving forward after 14 years? My customers! When I receive testimonials from customers that have been helped by the power of my products, I am still moved to tears. This week I received a voice mail from a customer who had tried so many products – to no avail- to relieve the terrible discomfort of a skin condition she had – and my products brought her immediate relief. I was THRILLED to hear this! It’s why I continue to do what I do. It’s always been my intention to reduce suffering in this world. Through my commitment to the absolute best Dead Sea mineral saturated products at the best possible pricing, many have found relief from various skin conditions, aches and pains, stress related issues, etc. in an all natural, affordable way. What could be better than this?

Q: What is your favorite product in your lineup (I know it’s tough to pick one) and why?

A: My personal favorite is my Original Face & Body Bar which I use every single day of my life. I have very dry, itchy skin – and while soaking in the Dead Sea Bath Salts leaves skin silky smooth and itch free for most, as a type A personality who was also building a business from the ground up, soaking in the tub each day just did not fit my schedule or personality. But I sure did LOVE the way my skin felt after the few soaks I managed to enjoy! And so I made it my personal challenge to develop a face and body bar that utilized the Dead Sea Minerals and left my skin feeling the same way (or better!) than a soak in a tub full of minerals did. I had to learn soap making – which I did – and I spent 2 years working with a local soap maker on different recipes – but finally, one day up in the Lake Tahoe area (where we used to have a home) in the middle of winter with the heat going day and night and my skin suffering terribly, I tested a new recipe and when I stepped from the shower I never even considered putting on all that “daily moisturizer” I used to have to use! It was a true EUREKA! moment….this was it! From that day forward, my Original Face & Body Bar (which used to be known as my “Salt” Soap) has been my only soap – which I use face and body and now also use as my tooth soap and as my shampoo. Can’t live without this soap.

We continue to hand pour this bar to my exacting secret recipe here in California. No third world or machine made soaps from Dead Sea Warehouse – each bar (and I now have three wonderful recipes in two different sizes each I offer the world) takes 3-6 months to “get perfect” before being released into the marketplace.

Q: What differentiates your products from others in your industry? 

A: My commitment to product perfection. Ask anyone who works for me and they’ll tell you I can make people crazy with my commitment to perfection. I could be making a lot more money if I was willing to use less expensive ingredients in all my products or stop hand cleaning the Dead Sea Bath Salts with American employees before packaging them into my famous 5 lb bucket. And so many other companies sell Dead Sea Bath Salts that are not “full mineral” – meaning the bath salts have been cut with other ingredients – mostly with sodium chloride – in order to reduce costs and increase profits. A true full mineral Dead Sea Bath Salt will have 9% or less sodium chloride naturally – there is one company that I know of that sells ONLY the sodium chloride from the Dead Sea as Dead Sea Bath Salts – which, technically, they are, but you are not getting the full mineral value. The same desire for perfection goes for my Moisturizer, Skin Polish, Mud Mask, Happy Heels & Toes and my soaps too.

Q: Everyone knows you’re super passionate about what you do, where does that passion come from? 

A: I believe the earth has given us all we need to be healthy. The Dead Sea Minerals are one of the earth’s greatest gifts for overall health maintenance and for addressing so many specific concerns. People travel from all over the world to the Dead Sea for their various discomforts – it’s my passion to bring the relief of the Dead Sea to my customers.

Q: What does the next year look like for Dead Sea?

A: BUSY! Which means more and more people will find relief, naturally, with Dead Sea Warehouse products. Now, that’s EXCITING!!! I truly appreciated the time Annie took to answer my questions. Her ambition to create life-changing products shows in everything she does and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to learn more. You can find all of Dead Sea Warehouse’s products on our website: http://www.wishinguwell.com/brands/Dead-Sea-Warehouse.html. Check it out today!

The views expressed in this entry are strictly my opinion and do not reflect the views of Wishing U Well. Any decision to use supplements to support your specific needs should be considered in partnership with your healthcare professional.


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