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“…Their understanding of every part of the fulfillment and customer engagement process is exceptional, and they have delivered over $30 million in sales over the past three years. WishingUWell is a fantastic partner to work with… I wish I could clone them in other parts of the world.”

Forecast Purchasing

Have a dedicated buyer knowing the ins and outs of your product catalog, seasonality and market trends. We helped OLIPOP get to a 98% in-stock rate with our expert predictions. We analyze 5-6 months before so the process goes smoothly.

Purchase Product

We’ll purchase your products at a rate that is lucrative to everyone, and since we sell them on our FBA account, you don’t have to worry about inventory fees or underselling. While this is a low-risk partnership, the potential for growth is immense.

Label, Pack & Ship Products

You won’t need to keep up to date with FBA packaging requirements, as we’ll do everything for you, including shipping to Amazon. Our warehouses in Colorado and Ohio are packed with Amazon compliant materials and specialists.

Manage Advertising Promotions

Amazon Display, Sponsored Product & Brand, video and retargeting ads- we optimize it all and know where to put your money to get the best results.

Develop Impactful Variety Packs

We create variety packs that sell well and appeal to customers- 54% of total sales are generated from 5 WUW crafted variety packs.

ASIN Creation

We’ll make sure the listings are Amazon compliant and all the boxes are checked- such as UPCs aligning with their ASINs. With monthly audits and a legal team behind us, your listings are safe and protected.

Listing Optimization

We get to know your brand on a deep level, then we amplify its unique voice through professional eye-catching visuals, and compelling keyword-rich copy. We care that your brand is accurately represented so collaboration is important to us.

Handle Customer Feedback

We work around the clock, 24/7, so you don’t have to. Whether it’s tending to customer service inquiries or responding to listing reviews, with 86k+ ratings averaging 4.9 stars, we know how to keep customers happy and back for more.

Monitor Sales Performance

Our detailed reports offer a clear snapshot of your brand's performance, presenting key metrics like sales, clicks, impressions, and conversions in an easily digestible visual format. We also identify potential growth areas and devise strategies for improvement, freeing you from the burden of navigating through complex data and planning.

Optimize Pricing Strategy

With our deep knowledge of Amazon, your products and their competitors, we are constantly adjusting prices to be as competitive and profitable as possible.

Reimbursement Recovery

Don’t lose money from FBA mishaps - with a dedicated team tracking Amazon’s damages, we discover and recover reimbursements that would usually slip through the cracks.

In an exclusive partnership with WishingUWell, we buy your products then you effortlessly step back, leaving the rest to us. We handle everything from inventory management, labeling, and packaging, to shipping to Amazon and selling via our Seller Central account. Taking on all inventory-related risks, we cover all Amazon fees and collaborate with you to ensure mutually profitable cost-per-unit agreements. As an extension of your team, we meticulously manage and care for your brand every step of the way. Our proven methods have resulted in consistent growth for many brands, including Dr. Bronner’s, who’s been growing about 21% annually since 2020. Building such expertise independently can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. With over ten years of experience in scaling brands, entrust us with the pleasure of elevating yours.

Proud to partner with the best brands

We buy, stock, sell, ship, and support your products on Amazon.

WishingUWell is a turnkey solution provider for the Amazon Marketplace. We partner with brands who want to grow their e-commerce reach and revenue without scaling up complexity or risk. No one else does all we do.

We buy and Process your products.

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After purchase, send your products to one of our processing warehouse and we’ll take care of the rest of the supply chain to the end consumer.

We optimize your product listings.

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Our listing experts take advantage of all amazon marketplace offerings to accurately describe your products and optimize them for increased sales. 

We take care of your customers and brand.

You have say in how your brand is represented on the Amazon marketplace, we work with your team directly on all aspects of how your brand is respesented on Amazon.


WishingUWell operates warehouses located in Colorado Springs and Cincinnati fully equipped to meet the changing requirements of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). We offer creative packaging solutions to ensure positive customer experiences and reduce shipping errors that lead to negative customer reviews.

Our ability to create, repackage, 

and deliver new product offerings that attract new customers to 

your brand sets us apart from the competition. Variety packs and multipacks are instrumental in growing sales for established brands on Amazon.


Growth is exciting but has its challenges. That’s why we’ve tackled OLIPOP’s stock challenges head-on. Our expert team analyzed each product’s future demand (5-6 months in advance), ensuring a 98% in-stock rate. No more out-of-stock woes – we’re all about availability and reliability!

"What is great is that we're aligned on packaging, messaging, pricing, and returns. They (WUW) also have pre-existing relationships with 40+ Amazon Warehouses. Because Amazon is so unwieldy…we found a great partner in Wishing U Well.” -Ben Goodwin, Olipop Co-Founder


Showcase the best features of your products and share your brand's story to increase conversion rates by 60% or higher.

We embrace your brand’s identity—and we care about what makes your brand unique. It’s our job to bring your brand to life through high-resolution images, compelling graphics, customizable A+ Content, and game-changing video. Your products will appear more frequently in Amazon organic searches with our keyword-enriched content including listing titles, bullet points, and product descriptions.


Expert In-House Team

Currently managing $1million+ in monthly ad spend with a 5x return on investment

Support All Amazon Ad Types

  • Sponsored Product + Brand
  • Product Display
  • Video
  • Retargeting

Engagement on ALL Opportunities

Our team actively explores new ways to promote your brand via new ad types, holiday deals, keyword sourcing, Amazon programs such as Vine and Subscribe & Save…

WUW client partners have seen YOY sales growth of 30% on average since 2021


Extensive experience launching new products and employing data scraping software to gain market insights that lead to long-term success.

We benchmark with competitors and evaluate metrics by category and keywords to generate actionable forecasts.

Over a decade of experience on Amazon

Partnerships with over 50 brands across 7 categories

We’re not called WishingUWell by accident, we deeply care about the impact we have



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