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Enhance Your Listings with Amazon’s Listing Quality Dashboards

Do you want to know the easiest way to maintain or enhance your Amazon listings? Want to rank higher in search results? Normally, it takes a lot of work and dedication—auditing your listings, opening cases, dealing with Amazon representatives—but there is one secret that will let you bypass a lot of the hard work. The answer is simple: Amazon’s Listing Quality Dashboard.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this blog:

  1. What are Amazon Listing Quality Dashboards?
  2. 5 Benefits of Using Listing Quality Dashboards
  3. How to Use and Access Your Dashboard
  4. Review At-Risk Listings
  5. Attributes Do Not Apply to My Product
  6. Additional Benefits to Using the Dashboard
  7. Best Practices for Your Listing Quality Dashboard

What are Amazon Listing Quality Dashboards?

Amazon introduced the Listing Quality Dashboard in 2020 as a tool to help sellers identify missing product information as well as enhance the customer experience. Listings with complete and accurate information make it easier for customers to discover, evaluate, and purchase products.

This dashboard helps evaluate all of the necessary and important attributes that add up to a high-quality listing. All recommendations made on your dashboard are focused on helping you improve discoverability, providing a new experience on your product detail pages, and potentially reducing customer returns.

When all the appropriate fields are populated with quality information, your products can rank higher in search results. Identifying and fixing these listings issues can eventually lead to higher sales for your products on Amazon.

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5 Benefits of Using Listing Quality Dashboards

By adding in the recommended attributes, you can ensure you have the highest quality listings possible on Amazon. Benefits include:

  1. Improving Discovery of Your Products: Customers are using filters more and more as they make purchases on the Amazon marketplace. Adding these attributes ensures that your products populate the search results page when shoppers filter down to relevant details about your products.
  2. Enabling Product Overview: This is another new customer experience that is in beta for Amazon—populating immediately above the feature points—the product overview highlights important product attributes in a quick and concise way.
  3. Reducing Customer Returns: Customer returns are often the result of critical information missing on the product detail page. By using the Listing Quality Dashboard, it will notify sellers when pertinent information has dropped off or is missing.
  4. Increasing Review Accuracy: Adding precise product attributes to your listings also increases your review accuracy by setting clear expectations of your products—reducing negative reviews.
  5. Addressing Time-Sensitive Issues: It can help prevent any selling disruptions or suppressed listings by highlighting mandatory listing information that needs to be filled in by a certain date.

How to Use and Access Your Dashboard

You can access your dashboards by going here or navigating to the Manage Inventory tab on Seller Central. Click on “Listing Quality Dashboard” at the top of the page, and it will direct you to the page below.

Once on this page, you will see two tabs at the top reading, “Improve listing quality” and “Review at-risk listings” in addition to a full list of products you sell that have missing attributes. Fortunately, Amazon pre-sorts all of these products by the last 30 days of sales and the last 30 days of page views, which allows you to prioritize your top performers! There’s also a handy search bar where you can look for particular ASINs.

Hover your mouse over any field to identify the attribute that needs to be filled in or fixed. This will provide you a brief description of the attribute and the benefit of filling it in. This easy-to-use dashboard helps you bypass a lot of the work by highlighting the missing details that Amazon customers are looking for when searching for products.

The most important factor to consider is the e-commerce filter. This feature is used by Amazon customers to browse through 1,000s of products on the search results page. If you’re missing vital information that would otherwise make you appear in a filtered search, your product won’t be featured and you will miss out on potential sales.

Review At-Risk Listings

Amazon’s system automatically identifies, on a real-time basis, vital product details that are missing. The At-Risk Listing tab directly shows you which listings require information to be entered in before your listing is removed from search results. Always time-sensitive, this feature allows you to add in all the necessary details within a certain timeframe to avoid listing suppression.

Be patient, it can take up to 48 hours for the listing to be updated. Keep in mind that some values may not be accepted because there is an error or restrictions on the ASIN. Always check back to ensure your listings are actively showing up on the search results pages.

Attributes Do Not Apply to My Product

Do you feel like the attributes Amazon is recommending don’t apply to your product? There’s a solution for that! Simply navigate and click on the three dots under the Recommendations section. A drop down menu will appear where you can tell Amazon that these attributes don’t apply. Choose from these choices:

  • Attribute not applicable for product
  • Attribute description is not clear
  • Attribute value not in dropdown

Amazon acknowledges that not all attributes will make sense for your products, which is why they built in this feature.

Additional Benefits to Using the Dashboard

  • Tabular Spec View:

    This allows customers to easily read the top product specifications for various ASINs in search results. By viewing key product details in a tabular format, shoppers can make quick purchasing decisions

  • Product Comparison Feature:

    Allowing customers to evaluate key differences between products, this experience helps customers compare products specifications at a glance.

  • Price Per Unit Attribute:

    Similar to being in a brick ’n’ mortar store, customers can view the price per unit. Comparing prices across different pack sizes can help shoppers make their decisions easily—improving the overall customer experience.

Best Practices for Your Listing Quality Dashboard

These best practice recommendations come directly from Amazon on the Seller Central website, see more here.

  • Check your recommendations at least once a week.
    Our systems identify important missing product attributes on a real-time basis, so frequent check-ins (daily or weekly) are highly recommended.
  • Use Pageviews and Sales to prioritize your recommendations.
    Sort recommendations using these columns to identify your most important products that need fixing.
  • Use the ‘not relevant for this product’ option when needed.
    We recognize that there may be some instances where the attribute we recommend you to fill in is not relevant for the product in question. In such cases, select the Not relevant for this product option and let us know why in order to improve our recommendations.


The Listing Quality Dashboard is an easy-to-use tool that saves you time and improves the customer experience—eventually leading to higher sales. The presence of quality information makes it more likely that a customer will purchase the product so take advantage of this tool. Enhance your Amazon listings to further strengthen your competitive edge on the Amazon marketplace.
If you’re looking for assistance navigating or using the Listing Quality Dashboard, we would love to partner with you! Our team of experts are ready and waiting to create a stellar SEO or marketing plan that drives sales by considering how your customers think—and what they want from their online shopping experience.

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