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True Natural for Summer Sweat

Summertime is coming! Are you ready for the drastic heat changes that are going to take place? We know that summer time will bring sweating and embarrassing armpit smells you wish you could ignore. Luckily for you, Wishing U Well has an awesome product that can solve all of the pit sweat problems you are having!

Introducing True Natural

True Natural Intensive 24hr Roll-On Deodorant is a product that allows you to effortlessly decrease sweat and funky smells that come from your armpits on a hot summer day. The easily roll-on stick is perfectly portable and ideal for those deodorant emergencies while you’re on the go. Best of all, there is no alcohol, sulfates, synthetic dyes, or parabens to be found. It’s the perfect solution for both kids and adults, and it’s one of the most popular deodorant products on our site. We know that you will not be disappointed with this amazing product.

Like all of the great natural products offered on our site, True Natural is made from natural ingredients that you can trust (hence the name!), like water comfrey, and aloe vera. Best of all, 26% of the total ingredients are made from organic farming, so you can rest assured that your purchase is supporting an excellent cause.

Order Today

Just apply True Natural once daily and after showering. For active people, you may want to keep a fresh supply on hand at all times. The crystal minerals prevent odor for up to 24 hours, and the gentle formula is easily applied to the skin. Order yours today!

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