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Creating the Right Call-to-Action

The world of e-commerce is complex and nuanced as a corn maze, but we’re here to guide you through! There are so many ways to bring up your product and create call-to-actions in the form of hyperlinks and buttons. You want your sales to blast off (so do we!), so shouldn’t you always default to a buy now or purchase now lingo? Maybe not. Let’s explore all the different possibilities you can include in your e-mail or social media campaigns and how these call-to-actions can act as their own rocket ships for your brand’s journey to the moon.

What About This?

Sometimes people really want to buy now, but can’t make the leap at that moment in time. Maybe it’s the funds or exact timing, but high-value and priced items benefit from a more “consider this” or “look at this” wording so consumers don’t feel pressured and are encouraged to hit “save for later” or “add to cart” in Amazon. 

Check Out Our Offers

You’re more than just one product, you are an entire shining and shimmering brand! A “Visit our Store” link is like the window of a spaceship, giving viewers a glance at all your offerings that might tickle their fancy. Low on stock? This is a great way to give viewers options for what they are looking for.

Add to Your Wish List

This wording can be most useful around the holiday time or specifically for a customer’s birthday wishes. Amazon customers often have lists of products for a specific aspect or time of life. If you have products that make perfect gifts, you can suggest that your audience create a holiday (or birthday) list on Amazon and add your products to them. This suggestion can be powerful, and especially sweet when a customer shares their list (including your product!) with their loved ones for gift ideas.

Buy/Get Now

If you’ve got a product that is easy to understand and your marketing is on point, then this call-to-action encourages customers to buy in a heartbeat. Buy Now is especially great for viewers who have already seen or bought from you before. They are already familiar with your product and maybe even crave it already. Got a limited promotion with a coupon code? Get your audience in the impulsive mode by giving them the opportunity to snag that deal from the get go. When customers save and you say cha-ching, your brand lights the way for future successes and trips to the moon.

Now you can see how different messages can plant different seeds of ideas in a customer’s mind and still result in a purchase one way or another! It all depends on what your offer is and how to best position it. Off to the moon you go! 🚀🌙

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