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Why Choose Amazon as Your Marketplace?

There are many marketplaces where people can buy what they want, but Amazon consistently outpaces the others. Amazon is currently the biggest online marketplace in North America, with annual sales revenue hovering around $200 billion. It’s hard to argue with earnings like that.

And it’s no coincidence that Amazon is thriving.  Here are just a few reasons why it stands out from the competition:

Easy checkout

The online buying process can be tricky on most websites.  But not Amazon. Many consumers complain that they find it difficult to order a product on other platforms, hard to checkout, the registration process annoying, etc. On some websites, it could take at least five clicks to complete checkout. If you are already logged in on Amazon, you can use their 1-Click ordering process and complete your purchase in seconds. In this busy age, it’s hard to argue with this type of simplicity.

Amazon also saves product favorites for you. This means that every time you log on to Amazon, you will see all of the items that you have previously added to your cart.  On other websites, your shopping cart will be emptied the minute you log out.

It is also easy to use a credit card when buying from Amazon. You can enter your card information once and use it for all future purchases. No more tedious re-inputting.

Thorough product descriptions and visuals

Most websites feature text-heavy descriptions of the products that they sell, but those can be limiting in their ability to quickly convey product info. Amazon offers expansive descriptions and couples them with images and videos of the products that they sell.   People like to see all aspects of what they are buying, and Amazon makes this possible.

Simple to navigate

There are millions of products available on Amazon, but finding the right product is easy with the platform’s search and navigation processes. Consumers do not feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of products for sale because of Amazon’s effective filtering system. Amazon showcases the most popular items in related categories, while at the same time providing access to a full directory to refine the search. A shopper can also find information about other aspects of shopping with great ease (shipping, returns, and more).

A personal touch

Amazon has a knack for knowing what you actually need based on your search and shopping history. Because it tracks your shopping habits, it can recommend products that would appeal to you.

Amazon is a trailblazer, opening brave new paths in the world of online selling.  The company has introduced revolutionary new products, processes, and ways of shopping. There are many ingredients to running a successful business selling online, but starting with Amazon as your selling marketplace is a great first step.

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