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Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company Doubled Amazon Sales in Less than a Year


Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company is a Tampa-based coffee roaster committed to sustainably sourcing the highest quality coffee beans from around the world—and is the official specialty coffee of Walt Disney World Resort®, Disneyland Resort®, and Disney Vacation Club®. In 2020, the company decided to invest in expanding its brand to the Amazon marketplace.

Unbeknownst to Joffrey’s, their brand was already present on Amazon. Through retail arbitrage and other loopholes, resellers had already begun selling their exclusive products on Amazon. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to the quality and standard of Joffrey’s as resellers were using outdated images, selling expired products, and charging customers double the cost of retail price.

Joffrey’s was challenged with optimizing their listings, cleaning up their sales channel, and improving their overall brand awareness on a new platform.


After professional recommendations and careful research, Joffrey’s chose WishingUWell (WUW) as their exclusive reseller on Amazon. With over 10 years of experience, WUW began immediately cleaning up Joffrey’s sales channel.

Short-Term Solutions
  • Enrolled in Amazon protection programs
  • Evaluated existing listings
  • Created optimized product listings
  • Added additional branded content
  • Create tailormade brand store
  • Used inventory forecasting and FBA fulfillment
Long-Term Solutions
  • Exclusive partnership agreement
  • Customized marketplace strategy
  • Goal-oriented advertising services
  • Utilize promotions, coupons, and deals
  • Identified resellers and MAP violators
  • Audited listings to ensure brand-approved content
  • Identified new and missed opportunities
  • Provided detailed performance reports
  • Established efficient best practices for logistic

The Results

Launching a brand on Amazon can be daunting without the proper support system and strategy. When you initially launch, you have no reviews, no sales history, and low product rank. Joffrey’s found that WishingUWell’s buy-sell partnership, listing optimization services, warehouse logistics, advertising strategy, and transparent performance reports made a significant difference when cleaning up their sales channel and building sales velocity.

Successfully Launched New Products on Amazon

For Joffrey’s to successfully launch products on Amazon, WUW immediately began expanding their catalog—from 0 to 112 product listings—as well as successfully launched 20 products on Amazon in collaboration with Disney. Before products are even available for sale, the optimization process begins as a way to increase organic ranking.

Through our optimization process, we pinpointed the most relevant and high-ranking keywords specific to Joffrey’s products and brand. While collaborating with them to get approvals on all creative content, WUW infused keywords into their titles, bullet points, and product descriptions. Capturing their products in high-resolution images, creating compelling infographics and lifestyle images, and adding customized A+ Content to each listing, WUW was able to bring their brand to life on Amazon. The final touches to getting a brand retail-ready are to create a mini online storefront, known as a brand store, to house their entire catalog in one, easy-to-access location.

By leveraging our platinum seller account—ranked top 200 for Amazon sellers in North America—as well as our consistent sales history, WUW was able to increase their products’ rankings with ease. Thus, resulting in more impressions, clicks, and conversions. In less than a year, monthly sales increased from $15k in February to $106k in December.

Consistent Buy Box Percentages

Joffrey’s Coffee knew the importance of the Buy Box—over 80% of all Amazon sales are attributed to it—but they didn’t know how to win the coveted spot. In order to compete, WUW ensured all of their orders were 100% Prime eligible, had competitive pricing, and were Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). These vital factors have kept their Buy Box percentages consistently above 85% since the fall of 2020.

Achieved Advertising ROI of 455%

Over the course of 7 months, WUW’s advertising experts were able to reach an advertising ROI of 455% with Joffrey’s $1-$2k monthly budget. One of the biggest mistakes brands can make is to start advertising too early. However, WUW ensured all product detail pages were fully optimized and retail-ready before directing paid traffic to them.

Furthermore, we urged our client to leverage video advertising as the click-through rate (CTR) is 7.5x higher than standard display ads. These compelling, high-quality videos automatically play as a customer scrolls through search results resulting in increased brand awareness. With the rise of video advertising and other additional factors, Joffrey’s has over 2.5 million impressions since their first ad ran.

Our brand-specific campaign strategy along with our advertising experts landed Joffrey’s an impressive ROI in under a year—helping to create an average month-over-month growth exceeding 25% in 2021.

Grew Yearly Sales from $0 to $400k Within 1 Year

With our industry-leading suite of services, we’ve been able to achieve a nearly 6 fold increase in monthly sales in less than a year—and we’ve doubled the sales of other million-dollar brands in as little as a year. It all starts with cleaning up the sales channel!

Enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry was a proactive first step for Joffrey’s in creating and controlling their content on product detail pages. This level of ownership prevented resellers from disseminating inaccurate information about their brand or products including using outdated copy, product images, etc.

Brand protection and channel management is a full-time job that takes diligence and continuous monitoring, which WUW does for all our brand partners. By identifying resellers and MAP violators with our customized reports, WUW worked with Joffrey’s to prevent their customers from being charged double the retail price and receiving expired products.

Additionally, by choosing our exclusive partnership, WUW was able to provide consistent in-stock rates, excellent customer service, and launch new products for Joffrey’s Coffee. In 2022, they are on track for sales in excess of $1.5 million.


Million-dollar brands choose WishingUWell because our experts have the knowledge and experience to develop roadmaps for success on Amazon. From data-driven outcomes to personalized strategies, we’re in the business of building your business.

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