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Searching the sky for solutions on how to increase revenue during the holiday gift giving season? Look no further- we’ve got you covered! Implement these tips and tricks to start churning up your sales.

Mark Your Customer’s Calendars

The key to raging sales is knowing when to advertise and push your products the most. You don’t want your customers seeing you as the Grinch of Christmas because they thought you’d deliver their gifts on time but they didn’t arrive under the tree when Santa wanted them to. Cater to a wider audience by making sure you know when all the gift giving holidays start and end. This year, Hanukkah starts December 7th and runs through December 15th. That means reminding your newsletter/SMS subscribers and social media followers like an annoying mother to get their gifts in time for when they need it. The last day for free shipping to make it by Christmas is December 14, and it should arrive on December 23. The latest free shipping date to make it for the last night of Hanukkah would be December 6. Push the prime member who might be a procrastinator and remind them of the 2-day, 1 day or overnight options to make it in time for Christmas Eve or Hanukkah. Why not offer and promote an e-gift card customers can purchase on the day of Christmas or Hanukkah? Sometimes people feel overwhelmed with gift giving, or they’re looking for a literal last minute gift. You can be the shooting star of all brands and answer to those customer’s prayers.🌠

Light Up the Right Products

Another crucial aspect of boosting sales is understanding which products to highlight and which to downplay. Certain items naturally make more appealing gifts. A critical insight is that everyday items can transform into extraordinary gifts when grouped together. Imagine a mom who adores the scent of lavender. Handing her a single bottle of lavender-scented Dr. Bronner’s would likely bring a gentle smile to her face. But now, picture her surprise and delight as she unwraps a treasure trove of lavender-infused Dr. Bronner’s delights — a full array of soaps, cleaners, and much more. This carefully selected ensemble could unleash such an overwhelming wave of happiness that her eyes twinkle, and she spontaneously breaks into a happy dance. Her contagious joy, caught on camera, becomes your heartwarming, smile-inducing viral sensation on TikTok that everyone loves and shares.

Give the Gift that Keeps Giving- Subscribe & Save 🔁

Do you have products that need to be refilled or consistently ordered? Maybe you sell supplements, drinks, or food? Activate and advertise the subscribe and save option to your customers. If someone sees a product on amazon that they know their friend LOVES, they’ll want to get them that subscription to save them money on each order! The subscribe and save set-up is also perfect for the person just trying to take advantage of all the holiday deals they can for themselves 🙂 Your customers will be pressing “subscribe & save” in a heartbeat knowing that they can really save and have their favorite products delivered with no extra effort on their part.

Create Irresistible Listings

Do you want your listing so good, even dogs stop and stare at their owner’s screen? It’s all about making sure your descriptions are easily readable with clear bullet points that contain keywords most searched by online shoppers. The keywords will be the fuel that gets you out into the stratosphere, while your image content will get you to the moon. Having 9 separate and unique images that perfectly capture all your product has to offer will make the “buy now” button a no brainer.

Stuff Your Stockings…Just Not Too Much

Do your best to make sure you’re not under or overstocked! Santa knows exactly how many gifts to produce, and with some research and attention to detail, your brand can become Santa-like. Pay attention to how your sales have been going and look at what’s doing well in the overall market. Have you been doing better this year overall than last? Then predict your sales will go up a bit from last year’s holiday gift giving season. With great saving deals this time of year, anticipate an increase in sales while doing so smartly. If you can pick inventory numbers wisely throughout the season, you will save yourself from an inventory headache and extra warehouse costs.

Set Your Promotions Ablaze

Sponsoring your holiday deals with paid ad campaigns on Amazon will make your rocket ship blast off in a dazzling display, making it visible to everyone. You should be milking this holiday season for everything it can give you. The biggest opportunity is bringing awareness of your amazing prices/deals and product to the people who are searching for it. Your product will show up front and center as the product to buy. The right customers will get the product they need (yours) and you’ll get their business! It’s a win-win all around.

With these golden rules, you are set for take off! Just don’t forget to keep monitoring your performance and adjusting your inventory, ads, copy and spotlighted items as needed. Be prepared for any change that’s ahead!

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