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Exciting news is on the horizon, and it’s not just about reaching new heights in e-commerce but also about expanding our physical space to match! We’re thrilled to announce that both our headquarters office and our Colorado warehouse are moving to a fantastic new location at 11675 Ridgeline Dr, Colorado Springs. Yes, you read that right โ€“ we’re staying within the heart of Colorado Springs but upgrading to a space that almost quadruples our current capacity at an impressive 40,000 sq ft!

Donโ€™t fret- ALL orders placed will have the CORRECT shipping address, you didnโ€™t miss anything!

Why the Move?

In just five short years at our current 885 Elkton Dr. location, near the iconic Garden of the Gods, we’ve grown exponentially. This move is a testament to our rapid growth and our readiness to leap into our next chapter. Our new space isn’t just bigger; it’s thoughtfully crafted to enhance teamwork, spark innovation, and promote well-being among our employees, ultimately elevating our efficiency and output.

What’s New?

Our new headquarters will be a modern marvel with 21,000 sq ft dedicated to non-warehouse activities. Hereโ€™s what you can look forward to:

      • Shared Offices for synergistic work sessions.
      • Coworking pods designed for dynamic team collaborations, holding up to 6 people each.
      • An all-hands room with risers, complete with a coffee bar, projectors, and ample meeting space for those game-changing discussions.
      • A creative studio for lifestyle shots, recording and podcasting to bring our wildest ideas to life.
      • An upgraded gym double our current size.ย 
      • A recreation area for well-deserved breaks and company events.

This spacious design ensures that we can work together seamlessly while also enjoying moments of relaxation and fun.

A Modern Workplace

While the office staff’s transition to the new building will happen later this year due to construction and enhancements, we’re committed to creating a workspace that shines with modernity, natural lighting, and stellar amenities. Our focus remains on the well-being, enjoyment, and creativity of our employees.

Warehouse Wonders

Our new warehouse space is not just double in size at 19,000 sq ft but is also designed for efficiency with an open layout and designated areas to streamline operations. The added height also provides more storage possibilities, enhancing workflow and productivity. Plus, with the additional space, the gym (currently used for sales expansion overflow) will revert to its intended use โ€“ no more doubling as storage!

Expansion Ready

One of the best parts? We have ample room to grow, ensuring our facilities can evolve with us without compromising on quality.

Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks of our new spaces. We’re excited for what the future holds and can’t wait to share this next step of our journey with you. The warehouse move is scheduled for this summer, so keep an eye out for further information and photos.

Here’s to more space, more creativity, and more milestones achieved together!

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