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Becoming a Household Name on Amazon: 4 Basic Tips You Should Know

We know that many business owners are looking to take back control of their presence on the world’s largest online marketplace, and we’re here to help. With these 4 simple tips, you can drastically improve the success and longevity of your brand on the platform. So let’s get started!

1. Make sure to sign up for Brand Registry

If you’re a small business owner hoping to get the most out of your Amazon experience, signing up for Brand Registry is a must. Not only does it help protect your brand from fraud and abuse, but it also gives you access to a large range of features that can help you manage and optimize your seller account faster.
  • To enroll in Brand Registry, you must have an active registered trademark with the USPTO or other applicable trademark office.
  • You must provide Amazon with proof of your ownership of the trademark, such as a government-issued registration certificate, a trademark office registration page, or a copy of an application for registration.
  • Provide a list of countries where you own a trademark registration and the corresponding registration numbers, as well as a list of countries where you have pending applications for trademark registration.
  • You will also need to provide Amazon with contact information for your brand, including a website address and email address.

2. Keep an eye out for unauthorized sellers

Looking to keep your business on top of its Amazon game? One key tip to bear in mind is to watch out for unauthorized and fraudulent sellers. Gray market sellers, counterfeiters, and Intellectual Property (IP) infringers can greatly damage brand equity. Knowing what’s going on with your listing is essential to maintaining control so you don’t end up getting trumped by the competition. Many brands who allow a multitude of resellers on their listings often find themselves competing with these resellers for the Buy Box. This drives down the price of the product, often below its minimum pricing point. Keep your business ahead of the game by staying vigilant and scanning who’s hopping on the train – it’s worth it!

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3. Amp up your cybersecurity

When you run an online business, cybersecurity is paramount. We all know the dangers of a security breach, so why risk it? Investing in powerful tools and software is a savvy move that can pay off big-time—and help you sleep better at night. Encryption, two-factor authentication, and firewalls should be implemented across all devices to ensure a secure environment for your business data. Furthermore, updating digital systems regularly will help keep things running smoothly and securely. Staying on top of security protocols in an online market is more important than ever, so take the reins and give yourself some extra peace of mind!

4. Refine your advertising strategies

If you want to make sure your small business stands out in a sea of Amazon products, it’s time to refine your advertising strategies. Whether you’re just starting out or already have an established presence, taking Amazon ads seriously is the best way to drive exposure on the platform. Headline Search Ads are designed to increase visibility on Amazon’s search results pages. Product Display Ads help businesses increase product visibility and drive sales by promoting products in relevant search results, product detail pages, and other placements. With these options, businesses can maximize their reach and drive more sales!

In Conclusion

Success in eCommerce is rooted in individualizing your brand, and standing out in a positive way amongst the competition. Now that we understand the importance of brand control on Amazon, how do you plan to make your brand a household name in 2023?

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