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Are You Targeting the Right Audience?

Many companies claim that their Amazon marketing strategies are customer-centric. This simply means that their policies and goals are geared toward pleasing their patrons, the most important component of their business. But do these businesses really know who their customers are?

Some companies consider every value chain partner as a customer to improve collaboration and foster mutual support. However, not all businesses subscribe to this business model. Most businesses look at the traditional definition of customers to be people or entities that buy their products or services and supply their revenues. While every value chain partner may be important to help foster development and growth, a business should identify its primary customer and make them the focus of its strategies and policies.  Your product and culture should solve that customer’s problem.

The following are important questions to ask in a customer-driven framework of market selection:

  • What are my primary customers’ priorities?

After identifying your primary customer, you should pinpoint the product attributes that are important to your customer. Is your customer most interested in a quality product or an affordable one?

  • How can I channel my resources to appeal to my customer?

After understanding what your customer needs and values — whether it be affordability, quality, convenience, etc. — you should adjust your business model accordingly. If your customer is looking for low-cost products as a prime consideration, allocate your resources to the production of quality but affordable merchandise.

  • How can I keep my finger on the pulse of customer values?

Finding out what your primary customer values are is not a one-and-done exercise. As the world continues to change and other businesses progress, customers’ expectations and values will evolve as well. It’s important that everyone in your business, no matter their department, is involved in measuring the success of the business and making improvements. It’s also important to look for potential problems with your current strategy regularly so your business can stay ahead of the curve and implement solutions quickly.

It does no good to appeal to a poorly-defined customer base. Knowing more about your target audience can help you be far more effective as a company. For more information on identifying your customer and sharpening your Amazon brand management strategies, contact WishingUWell.

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