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A Brief Overview of Amazon’s Vine Program

Amazon product reviews have a significant impact on a product’s ranking, traffic, conversion rates, and sales performance. Once a potential customer lands on your product detail page, having positive reviews can be helpful—but having thoughtful, detailed product reviews can greatly impact consumer confidence. 

As your trusted Amazon partner, WishingUWell has identified Amazon’s Vine Program as a newly affordable* option for gaining reviews and traction within the marketplace.

How Does It Work?

Amazon Vine invites the most trusted reviewers on Amazon, also known as Vine Voices, to receive products for free in exchange for reviews. Reviewers post authentic and unbiased feedback about new and/or recently launched products in order to help fellow customers make informed purchasing decisions.


  • More Detailed Reviews: Receive up to 30 high-quality reviews for your products—many of which include videos and images. 

  • Trusted Reviewers: Vine Voices are chosen by Amazon because of their reviewer rank, which is judged by other Amazon customers who found their reviews helpful and detailed. 

  • *No Enrollment Fee: The Vine Program used to cost ~$2,500 per ASIN, but Amazon has since eliminated the enrollment fee. Now, you only pay for the cost of your product. 

  • Drives Traffic, Increases Conversions: Customer reviews are vital to influencing the conversion rates on your listing. Vine Voices provide detailed product feedback that is relevant to a customer’s buyer journey. 


Positive and Negative Reviews are Possible: Sellers, vendors, and brands have no control over what the review says in their feedback. This means you are unable to modify or edit any reviews as long as they comply with Amazon’s guidelines.

Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program, which means brands can expect their products will receive well-articulated reviews that cover a wide range of points related to your product. Currently, Vine enrollment is completely free, but this is subject to change. To participate your products must meet all the requirements below.

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