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Buckle up, buttercup! Amazon has just dropped a compliance bombshell on the supplement industry. This isn’t a minor tweak—this is a seismic shift that demands brands go full throttle on product testing and documentation. Remember those dark days when listings vanished into thin air due to non-compliance? Amazon’s new system aims to streamline operations so they run like clockwork.

If your brand is feeling the heat and needs to pivot, take a deep breath—WishingUWell is here to save the day! We kicked off our adventure specializing in wellness goodies, with supplements as our star players. Fast forward to today, we’re teaming up with all-stars like Lane Innovative and Aloe Life, both champions in the supplement arena. With our boundless passion for wellness, Amazon wizardry, and unmatched agility, we’re the dream team your brand needs to soar to new heights! 🚀

The Compliance Dance: Steps to Follow

Forget freestyle. Under this new regime, brands must partner with Amazon-approved labs such as Eurofin, UL, or NSF for annual testing of their supplement products. Think of these labs as the Jedi Council of product testing—wise, rigorous, and definitely not to be trifled with. The results are sent directly to Amazon, slicing through the red tape and leaving no room for shenanigans. Compliance just got a whole lot easier!

Annual Testing: The New Normal

Every supplement product will need a yearly check-up, regardless of where it’s sold. Yes, this might feel like adding an extra boss fight to your level-up journey, but it also brings more predictability and order. At first, navigating this compliance system might feel like trying to land a plane in a snowstorm, but once you’ve got it down, maintaining your Amazon listings will be a breeze.

Once you get through the initial chaos, you’ll find a more streamlined method to keep your listings intact. This rigorous oversight ensures product integrity, bolsters consumer trust, and keeps regulators smiling.

WishingUWell: Your Compliance Fairy Godmother

Introducing WishingUWell, your trusty sidekick in this compliance adventure. Specializing in third-party management services on Amazon, we’re here to make your compliance woes vanish like Cinderella’s chores. We handle all processes, work directly with the approved labs, and ensure everything runs as smoothly as a well-oiled machine.

Our full-service partnership and managed seller services take the hassle out of compliance. We oversee all testing logistics, document results flawlessly, and keep your listings active and healthy. With WishingUWell, you can focus on expanding your kingdom while we slay the compliance dragons.

Ready to conquer the compliance maze? Contact WishingUWell today and let us guide you through Amazon’s new system with ease and expertise.

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