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Amazon's Holiday Rush!

The holiday season is a joyous and happy time, but can be even jollier if your brand is ready for all the competition and high customer expectations that come with the holiday shopping rush. Follow these tips to make sure your sales number will be as sweet as a candy cane.

Supercharge Your Listings

December is the perfect time to make sure your product listings are as fresh as falling snow. Christmas trees are everywhere, so why not Christmas-up your product listings with new holiday photos and copy? Incorporating christmas colors, lifestyle images and copy will tell your customers just how great of a gift your product makes. If you sell backpacks, why not just state in the feature points that fashionistas will jump for holiday joy at the sight of your stylish bag? Your customers may not consciously admit it but holiday-themed advertising influences them like a warm inviting fire on a cold night.

Light Up With Lightning Deals and Coupons

Lightning Deals are time-bound, promotional offers that can create a sense of urgency among shoppers. Coupons offer discounts that can make your products more appealing. Use them and then head to the stratosphere by advertising your killer deals with Sponsored Products. The following increased views can snowball into more purchases and raving reviews, making your listing even more abuzz and credible. Itโ€™s important to know that advertising during the holidays can cost more due to the competition, and since itโ€™s important to be visible when you have traffic this time of year, itโ€™s time to roll out the dough! But donโ€™t just roll out the dough any time of day. When it comes to deciding the time in which to advertise, you should be as strategic as a cheetah catching its prey. You have to make sure your ad time and spend align with the times your customers are awake and active on Amazon!

Freshen Up Your A+ Content

A+ content allows you to enhance your product descriptions with additional images, text placements, and a comparison chart. It isnโ€™t available to all brands, just those who are in the Amazon brand registry. Itโ€™s a worthy goal because if your customer is still interested or considering your product, they can find extra content with more marketing graphics and copy. A+ content is like ornaments on a tree, they make your products more dazzling and vibrant, which will persuade consumers to buy! Stay updated with your new product graphics and copy to light up your advertising efforts. ๐ŸŽ„

Go Above & Beyond With Customer Service

The holiday rush often comes with waves of customer inquiries and returns. Prepare your team to handle this surge with resourcefulness and grace. The most important part is making sure your team can handle the holiday demand because responding in under 24 hours to inquiries is the key to putting your product on steroids for appearing in searches. This is not the time to be the Grinch. Stand out by taking care of the customer and going above and beyond. You will be remembered throughout the year when you take customer service to the next level.

Donโ€™t sit on these suggestions and miss out on all they can provide. See your brand in the sky on Santaโ€™s sleigh, celebrating your wins! ๐Ÿฅณ

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