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Amazon Video Advertising

Sponsored Brand Video advertisements are keyword targeted, cost-per-click, and link customers directly to the product detail page where they can learn more and purchase. This is a great opportunity to have your products stand out in desktop and mobile shopping results while also helping new customers discover your brand. Here are the benefits, rewards, and best practices for using video ads:

Top Benefits & Rewards:

  • Video is a compelling way to share your product’s story
  • Video is an excellent way to grab shoppers’ attention in search results
  • Gain trust with new customers as well as traction with repeat brand advocates
  • Steal a new customer away from a competitor by instantly delivering beautiful product imagery and pertinent product information

Best Practices:

  • Have your products seen, research by Amazon shows that videos featuring a product within the first few seconds usually perform better.
  • Be brief and be focused—15-30 seconds is the optimal amount of time for your video advertisement so try to include important selling points upfront.
  • Remove any full-screen black frames or fade-in transitions from your video and make sure there are no black bars framing your video content on either side.
  • Videos must be suitable for general audiences and include your brand name, logo, or product that clearly represents the brand or product promoted.
  • Sponsored Brands video ads autopay and launch on mute—don’t rely on sound to communicate your message. Customers must be able to understand the video without audio. It must be clear to the customer that the video has no audio (for example, the ad has a disclaimer that reads “no audio”)
  • If you use text in your video, make sure it’s legible. Either the subtitles or audio language must match the locale where your ad will display.
Video Asset Requirements
Video Dimensions 1920 x 1080 px (16:9) recommended
Frame Rate At least 15 FPS
Audio 128 kbps / 44 khz
Recommended Bit Rate 2 MBps
Preferred Codec Video: H.264, MPEG-2, or MPEG-4; Audio: MP3 or AAC
File Size less than 500 MB
Video Duration Desktop & Mobile: up to 3 minutes (15 seconds or less highly recommended). Fire tablet: Up to 15 seconds
Letterboxing Videos should not have black bars on any side of the video content

Do NOT Include:

  • Customer reviews (including star ratings) even if these reviews are on Amazon
  • Pressuring, combative, or urgent language intended to elicit a click or a sale from the customer
  • Website or social media URLs in text or audio within your video
  • Distracting images, deals, discounts, or other savings promotions (Ex/ flashing, blinking, pulsating objects or text, or high-contrast transitions)

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