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Amazon Posts: Free Beta Program to Grow Your Brand on Amazon

Currently, in beta, Amazon Posts is a new way to drive brand awareness and increase product discoverability within the Amazon marketplace. Essentially social media for Amazon, this organic storytelling opportunity is an easy way to express your brand’s unique identity and help you stand out from the competition.

By blending social media and e-commerce together, you can provide an elevated shopping experience for new customers and existing customers through curated content. Similar to social commerce, each post will appear in a shoppable format that links directly to your product detail pages—making it easier for customers to complete their purchase.

In this post, we will discuss:
  1. What are Amazon Posts?
  2. The Anatomy of Amazon Posts
  3. How Do Posts Work?
  4. 3 Steps to Start Using Posts
  5. How Posts Benefit Your Brand
  6. Amazon Posts Guidelines

What are Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts is enhanced content that allows customers to browse and discover products in a new way. The Instagram-style posts deliver brand-specific content to relevant shoppers as they browse categories related to your products. Customers will see curated lifestyle imagery with customizable text that engages and educates new and existing customers. This will eventually lead to more exposure and an increase in sales.

The Anatomy of Amazon Posts

  • Profile Banner: Brand name & logo
  • Image: Custom lifestyle image of products in-use & out-of-box
  • ‘Show Product’ Icon: Hide or reveal product information such as price, star rating, and Prime eligibility
  • Caption: Customizable text to highlight product features
  • Category Tags: Auto-generated by Amazon

How Do Posts Work?

Professional vendors and sellers who are enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry Program are welcome to participate in the beta program. Currently, this program is only available in the U.S. marketplace with posts displaying on the Amazon shopping app and mobile devices.

According to a webinar conducted by Amazon, posts were served to “77 million unique Amazon visitors with more than 3.4 billion impressions” in Q1 of 2020. This type of exposure translates to better discovery of your products and brand for future consideration by customers.

Amazon’s system automatically displays posts throughout their website based on relevance and shopper engagement. Posts will be displayed in detail page carousels, category feeds, related product/category feeds, and your specific brand feed. Each brand feed will have a unique vanity URL in order to share with your audience outside of Amazon as well as drive more traffic to your brand feed, listings, and store.

3 Steps to Start Using Posts

Step 1:  Visit posts.amazon.com and sign in using your advertising console or Seller Central credentials.
Step 2:  Create your profile by verifying your brand name and uploading your brand’s logo.
Step 3:  Start creating posts by uploading images, writing captions, and tagging related products.

How Posts Benefit Your Brand

  • Inspiration: Use customizable images and captions to inspire shoppers to engage with your brand and your products.
  • Easy-to-Use: Repurposing content from your social media channels is one easy way to get started immediately. Keep your Amazon customers in mind when repurposing content.
  • Shoppable: Posts link directly to your product detail pages—making them shoppable! You can add up to 10 different ASINs on one post.
  • Increase Visibility: Your posts will appear all over the Amazon platform. They will display on detail page carousels (below product description), category feeds, and even your own exclusive brand feed.
  • Free: This opportunity is free! Make sure you meet all the required criteria mentioned above.

Amazon Post Guidelines

  • According to Amazon, please ensure your Post content meets the following guidelines:

    Profile logo:

    • Animation is not permitted
    • Color Format: RGB
    • Display Aspect Ratio: 1×1
    • File Format: JPG or PNG
    • Maximum Filesize: 100MB
    • Resolution: 640×640 pixels or larger

    Post image:

    • Animation is not permitted
    • Color Format: RGB
    • Display Aspect Ratio: 1×1, 16×9, 4×3
    • File Format: JPG or PNG
    • Maximum Filesize: 100MB
    • Resolution: 640×640 pixels or larger

    Content Requirements:

    • Create content for a general audience
    • Don’t contradict the product detail page
    • Submit in the primary language of the Amazon site on which the post is published
    • Double-check accuracy to ensure customers receive correct information before purchasing
    • Only promote products that you own or are authorized to resell/distribute


Amazon Posts are another fast—AND FREE—beta program that provides sellers and vendors the opportunity to educate customers about your products and brands while showing compelling lifestyle imagery. In order to stand out from the competition, grow your brand on Amazon, and increase your brand awareness on a busy marketplace, you should be utilizing Amazon Posts to enhance your content and increase the odds of your products being seen.

Start A/B testing your content to see how your customers engage with your posts and continue to optimize for the best possible results—a chance to increase your sales over time.

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