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4 Summer Outdoor Destinations

Summer is a great time to go out, enjoy the outdoors and have fun. So, lather up the natural sunscreen and get ready for an adventure because here are some of our favorite customer- submitted places to go to enjoy nature.

1. The National Wildlife Refuges of Georgia. There is so much wildlife to see in these places. Migrant birds and waterfowls are a common sight right around the waters of these refuges. With on-site camping or basic lodging accommodations, the trip is amazing and affordable. And if you want to beat the heat, these refuges are home to a number of fee-free beaches.

2. The National Park of Acadia. This park is located in Maine and largely hugs the Northern Atlantic Ocean. This National Park is home to a lot of scenic lakes and forests, which makes this a great destination to visit in fall, too.

3. The Black Hills and the Badlands. The Black Hills of South Dakota is a forest region located between the Appalachian Mountain range and the Rocky Mountains. Of course, its’ biggest tourist attraction is Mount Rushmore. Nearby, another mountainside sculpture, Crazy Horse Memorial is set to be another huge attraction. Then there is Wind Cave National Park within reach. It has a very long cave system and bison run free in the open. Nearby, the Black Hills of North Dakota have this magical appearance. With grass abound and bison roaming free, President Teddy Roosevelt was known to harbor feelings for this place.

4. Mammoth Cave National Park, a cave system, is located in Kentucky. The highest of which compare to buildings that are dozens and dozens of feet high.

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