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3 Tips to Know Which Products to Sell Online

The competition in online marketplaces is fiercer than ever, which makes figuring out which products to sell a strategy in itself.  One of the worst things you can do is start selling without investing time and research into your selection of merchandise.  Before you put out a single product, make sure that you’re confident that it can sell.

The following are ways of narrowing down your search for products:

  1. Exploring Google Trends – Check Google Trends see volume trends over time, which will give you an idea of the products that are on the rise or decline. Using Google Trends, you can also get an idea of product interest based on geography. Avoid selling products that are trending downward.
  2. Browsing online marketplaces – Look around eBay, Wal-Mart, Alibaba, and others to see what consumers have been buying. Products like JungleScout can help you search different platforms to discover what items are in high demand and profitable. Likewise, products that sell well in brick and mortar stores can sell well online.
  3. Checking blogs and publications – There is plenty of written content to help you assess what is selling well. Keep tabs on seller forums and Facebook groups to catch incoming trends and to abandon failing products.

Finding the right products is not easy. Once you settle on an item that will sell, you might have difficulty procuring it as its availability evolves. By the time you find a good source, the item may no longer be in demand. The trick is to do your research well in advance.  Over time, you will be better able to follow buyer and manufacturing trends to appeal to and sell to your target audience.

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