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​Getting Enough Vitamin D?

July is UV Safety Month, and we’ve all seen the news or read articles about how the sun’s UV rays can be damaging when proper organic sunscreen isn’t applied. But did you know that the sun rays can also provide you with healthy doses of Vitamin D? It’s true. Just a mere 10 minutes of sun exposure can give you a good dose of Vitamin D through skin absorption.


Granted, you don’t want to go running off to bake in the sun, especially during peak hours. No one wants a sunburn. But exposure to the sun can be a good thing. Simply ensure that you use proper sun protection, hat, sunglasses, etc. when you head out, and you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Why is Vitamin D important for your body?

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that helps your body better absorb calcium and other nutrients for stronger bones and teeth. It also boosts your immune system to help you fight illnesses and diseases.

Apart from spending a few minutes in the sun each day, you can also get a dose of Vitamin D through the food you eat. Foods like dairy, egg, cereals, salmon, shrimp, yogurt and orange juice, can support your body’s needs for Vitamin D. You can also supplement your food intake with Vitamin D supplements from WishingUWell.com.

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