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Million-dollar brands choose WishingUWell because our experts have the knowledge and experience to develop your roadmap for long-term, sustainable growth on Amazon.
  • Data-Driven Outcomes
  • Adaptable Strategies to Fit Your Brand
  • Optimization that Boosts Conversions by Nearly Double
  • Detailed Performance Reporting
  • Competitor Insights and Segmenting
  • Long-Term Growth Strategies
  • Sustainable Success on Amazon

" Mo’ Money, Mo’ Taxes "

Disclaimer: If sales double for more than 2 quarters, please speak with your tax professional.
WUW will not be held responsible for the increase in taxes due to MASSIVE jumps in profit!

Our tailored services fit your needs

Services You can Expect for Successful Growth

Marketplace Strategy Consulting

Personalized e-commerce strategies tailored to your individual goals.

Product Listing Optimization

Increase conversions with compelling copy and professional graphics.

Strategic Advertising on Amazon

WUW makes every dollar count—we achieve the lowest ACoS in the industry!

Performance Reports

Regain transparency, control, and insight into the Amazon marketplace with our wholistic performance reports.

Customer Service

With a positive lifetime customer feedback rating of 99%, we ensure your customers are taken care of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pick the Partnership That's Right for You

Full-Service Partnership

  • Buy-Sell Agreement—WishingUWell buys your products, taking on the inventory risk upfront. We sell those products on Amazon, saving you time and money. 
  • Logistics & Fulfillment Services—you ship to one location, we ship to Amazon nationwide + Canada.

Managed Seller Services

  • Customized Account Management—WishingUWell provides premium account management with detailed insights and personalized strategies.
  • Reimbursement Recovery—safeguard your investment through various reimbursement opportunities.

Don’t Like Winning?

Disclaimer: WUW partners with winners. If increasing net profit isn’t important to you, you may want to choose another Amazon agency.


End-to-End Management for the Amazon Platform

From account set-up, customer service, and packaging to case creation, advertising, and daily management—we do it all.

New Opportunity Exploration

We build multipacks, variety packs, kits, and bundles—and can identify new opportunities like this for you.

Brand-Focused Approach

We focus on the heart of your company in order to build meaningful relationships with your customers. A unique approach for your unique brand!

Recovery of Lost Funds

WishingUWell helps safeguard your investment with our proven, manual recovery methods. No A.I. Amazon policy compliant. 

Simple, Easy Supply Chain Design

WishingUWell helps streamline the process for you, and for Amazon. You ship to one location—we handle the rest.

Ask our partners

See why million-dollar brands choose us!

I cannot speak highly enough of WishingUWell and the expertise they bring to managing our FBA business in the USA. Their understanding of every part of the fulfillment and customer engagement process is exceptional, and they have delivered over $30 million in sales over the past three years. WishingUWell is a fantastic partner to work with, and we have just begun working together up in Canada. I wish I could clone them in other parts of the world.

Because Amazon is so unwieldy, if you really want to manage it correctly yourself, you almost have to build out an entire team … we found a great partner in WishingUWell.

WishingUWell is a collaborative partner that has helped us identify opportunities, grow sales, and deliver products that consumers are looking for. We appreciate the relationship!

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Leave Amazon to the experts!

WishingUWell increased monthly sales for 3 of our million-dollar brands by an average of 65% in less than 12 months and we can do the same for you!

Source: 2021 WishingUWell Case Study

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Ranked Among the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America

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Showcase the best features of your products and share your brand's story to increase conversion rates by 60% or higher.

We embrace your brand’s identity—and we care about what makes your brand unique. It’s our job to bring your brand to life through high-resolution images, compelling graphics, customizable A+ Content, and game-changing video. Your products will appear more frequently in Amazon organic searches with our keyword-enriched content including listing titles, bullet points, and product descriptions.


We pride ourselves on leaving a lasting impact that enriches our community.

We strive to accomplish this goal by donating products and goods to local homeless shelters and food banks, fulfilling holiday wishlists for children in El Paso County, and volunteering in Colorado Springs. We’re more than just a company, we’re part of the community.


When you join WishingUWell, you’re more than just an employee—you're valued!

WishingUWell is a family-owned and operated organization that fosters a culture of respect, integrity, innovation, and well-being for our stakeholders. WUW began as an e-commerce site that sold natural and organic supplements, but we have since evolved into an organization that cultivates growth on the Amazon platform for brands committed to social responsibility, sustainability, philanthropy, and environmentalism. Leaving a lasting, positive impact on the world! Think you’re a good fit for our fun team?


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